16.1 Friday Night Lights Logistics

Fellow Community Members,

Well good ol’ Dave Castro decided to challenge us physically and logistically haha.  No worries, we are lucky to have a big space.

I know we all want to party all night, but I figure some of you may want to leave here before Saturday morning, soooo we have added two preliminary heats.  You must sign up for these heats ahead of time.  We have limited space so I don’t want you rushing to get here if we don’t have room 🙂


Preliminary Heats – Athletes will judge one and compete in the other.  Please sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=33173&stype=-125&sView=day
Get here to warm up as early as you want.  We will be starting at 5:20 on the dot!
5:10PM – WOD Briefing
5:20PM – Prelim Heat 1 – 1 Athlete competes while 1 athlete judges.  We will have a total of 10 athletes competing at 1 time.
5:50PM – Prelim Heat 2 – Roles reverse.
Official Event – No Sign-up Needed
6:10PM – Official Kick-Off of 16.1 Friday Night Lights.
6:20PM – WOD Brief
6:30PM – Heats will begin at 6:30 and run every half hour.  10-12 people will compete per heat.  You will compete in 1 and judge another.
Bring beers, food, and cheers.  I’ll fire up the grill.  This is a party, so let’s…MAKE…IT…EPIC!!!
Bat Coach


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