2013 RCFBC Ghoul Duel WODs and Standards

Bare Covers!

The Ghoul Duel is only a few days away and this will be your source for all the info.


There will be a total of 4 WODs (1 of them being a floating WOD) in addition to a final WOD for the top teams.  We will announce two WODs ahead of time and the remainder the day of competition.  These WODs will test all 10 general physical skills of fitness and most importantly your ability to complete them VIRTUOUSLY!

WOD 1 – “Thriller” – 5:57 seconds x 2 Rounds


Both teammates working at the same time.

Round 1 – Thriller AMRAP

Row 20 calories

Hang Power Snatches (95/65)

Athletes switch every time one partner completes 20 cals on the rower


Round 2 – Thriller AMRAP

20 KB Swings (35/26)

Burpees to Plate


Row Standards – The following standards must be met or a ⅓ no rep will be given for each infraction.

  • Back stays flat

  • Drive through heels and not the toes

  • Pull with legs, body, then arms – i.e.. don’t lean back before using legs and don’t pull early with arms

  • Return arms, body, legs – ie. don’t bend the knee before bar passes


Hang Power Snatches – Bar starts from mid thigh and finishes overhead with arms, hips, and knees fully extended and feet next to each other. If bar does not start from hang or movements finishes without full extension, a no rep will be awarded.


The following standards must be met or a ⅓ no rep will be given for each infraction.

  • Back stays flat

  • Triple extension before pulling with arms – i.e. no early arm pull

  • Catch the bar overhead at full extension – i.e. don’t press out


KB Swings – Kettlebell starts behind the thighs and goes to full extension with head coming through up top and bottom of kettlebell facing the ceiling.  If any of the standards are not met (unless told to scale otherwise) a no rep will be awarded.


The following standards must be met or a ⅓ no rep will be given for each infraction.

  • Back stays flat

  • Core to extremity movement – i.e. the hips move before the arms on the swing

  • Weight on heels


Burpees to Plate – Athlete must go all the way to the ground with thighs, abs, and ches hitting the floor.  A burpee is performed and the athlete then hops on top of a 45lb plate with full extension of the hips at the top. Both feet must leave the ground and land on the plate at the same time.  Clap above the head not necessary.


The following standards must be met or a ⅓ no rep will be given for each infraction.

  • Elbows stay close to the body during the push up portion of the movement


Each movement on WOD 1 will be scored as a separate event.  I.e. #calories on the row, total snatches, total KB Swings, and burpees are each counted as a separate score.  Each one will be scored on net reps which is total reps of the movement minus the partial no reps.  Example – A team that completes 100 snatches but has 3 tick marks for partial no reps will receive a snatch score of 99 (100 – 3(1/3) = 99).

WOD 2 – Will be announced on Saturday.

WOD 3 – Will be announced before Saturday BUT here is a teaser! http://youtu.be/HT3oB-VqKKw

WOD 4 (floating WOD) – “Punkin’ Chunkin'”

Each team member will be given 3 small pumpkins.  They will test accuracy by throwing each pumpkin into one of three containers.  Container 1 will be 5 yards away and worth 1 point.  Container 2 10 yards away and worth 2 points.  Container 3 15 yards away and worth 4 points.  The goal is to score as many points as possible.

Only standard is to keep feet behind the line or else the throw is forfeited.  How you throw it is up to you.  If the pumpkin breaks….we break you (said in a creepy Bane voice).

Final WOD – Will be announced Saturday.


Start End Event
11:00AM 12:00PM Judges Briefing
12:00PM 12:30PM Sign In and Warm Up
12:30PM 1:00PM Athlete Briefing
1:00PM 1:25PM WOD 1 Heat 1
1:25PM 1:40PM WOD 1 Heat 2
1:40PM 2:30PM Rest, WOD 4 Opens, Pumpkin Picking
2:30PM 3:00PM WOD 2 Heat 1
3:00PM 3:30PM WOD 2 Heat 2
3:30PM 4:00PM WOD 2 Heat 3
4:00PM 5:30PM WOD 3 and Final WOD
5:30PM TBD Awards Ceremony & Party

What to Bring

The WODs aren’t near the intensity of the last competition, but you will still want to be smart regarding your nutrition.  Post WOD protein drinks, plenty of water, and meals high in protein/carbs but low in fat are a good idea.

With regards to the party at the end, we will provide the basics in terms of adult beverages, burgers, dogs, etc.  We encourage you to bring your favorite side or dessert along with a few brews or adult beverage of your choice!

Partners, Heats, Scaling, and Judging

Not only will you be competing, but you will also be judging.  Watching and judging people move is one of the best ways to learn how to move better!  Your heat and judging times are below.

As promised, I have also individually scaled for each of you.  Take a look at the weights for snatch and kettlebell swings below.  I’m sure some changes will be needed, so talk to me about it tomorrow or Saturday!

We will have the info for you when you arrive, but here are the WOD 1 assignments to get you started.

# Team Name Athlete 1 Athlete 2 WOD 1
WOD WOD 1 Judging
Time Heat Lane Station Time Heat Lane Station
1 Monarch Madness Mike Rx Elena 35/Rx 1:00PM 1 A 1 1:25PM 2 A 1
2 Twisted Twerkers Danny Rx Christy 45/Rx 1:00PM 1 A 2 1:25PM 2 A 2
3 Breakfast Club Phil Rx Tess 45/Rx 1:00PM 1 A 3 1:25PM 2 A 3
4 Italian Stallions George 45/Rx Rosanna 25/Eye 1:00PM 1 A 4 1:25PM 2 A 4
5 The Froodz Chris Rx Sharon 55/Rx 1:00PM 1 A 5 No Judging Needed
6 J.2. Co. Shawn Rx Zee 45/Rx 1:00PM 1 B 1 1:25PM 2 B 1
7 Unreliable Beligerence Gareth Rx Colleen 55/Rx 1:00PM 1 B 2 1:25PM 2 B 2
8 TBA West Rx Amanda 45/Rx 1:00PM 1 B 3 1:25PM 2 B 3
9 Magnum, PR Eats Rx Michelle 45/Rx 1:00PM 1 B 4 1:25PM 2 B 4
10 TBD Nate 45/Rx Olivia 25/Rx 1:00PM 1 C 1 1:25PM 2 C 1
11 TBD Mark 75/Rx Ali Rx 1:00PM 1 C 2 1:25PM 2 C 2
12 TBD Matt 75/Rx Hayden 55/Rx 1:25PM 2 A 1 1:00PM 1 A 1
13 Killer B’s Scott 75/Rx Janine 45/Rx 1:25PM 2 A 2 1:00PM 1 A 2
14 Team ‘Murica Chris Rx Sam 55/Rx 1:25PM 2 A 3 1:00PM 1 A 3
15 TBD Mike P 75/Rx Trang 55/Rx 1:25PM 2 A 4 1:00PM 1 A 4
16 TBD Alex Rx Sugen Rx 1:25PM 2 B 1 1:00PM 1 B 1
17 TBD Beau Rx Colleen C 45/Rx 1:25PM 2 B 2 1:00PM 1 B 2
18 Peanuts Jeff Rx Sarah O Rx 1:25PM 2 B 3 1:00PM 1 B 3
19 TBD Rachel 55/Rx Molly 55/Rx 1:25PM 2 B 4 1:00PM 1 B 4
20 TBD Eric W Rx Jen H 45/Rx 1:25PM 2 C 1 1:00PM 1 C 1
21 Summer Slam Kevin Rx Melissa 45/Rx 1:25PM 2 C 2 1:00PM 1 C 2







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