2014 Survey Results and Exciting Changes

Hey Bare Covers!

First off – thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that responded to our survey!  Our goal is to create an amazing community and provide world class fitness for you – the best way to do that is to listen to what you want and need!

We went through each individual response in each of the 50 surveys returned to look for trends, feedback, and recommendations.  We were so pleased with all the positive feedback, ideas, and suggestions on how to get better.  Below are the 3 major trends and our plan of action to address each one!

1) We love this place so let’s keep it safe!

Request: Let’s chorale the kids a little.

The family friendly atmosphere is a fantastic thing.  Kids working out with parents, watching them, and being exposed to fitness at such a young age is exactly what we want!  That being said, several folks commented on little ninjas (kids) wandering out of the kids zone and on to the floor creating a dangerous situation for both them and our big ninjas!  Obviously, keeping everyone safe is the number one priority so we will be changing our policy.

Solution: New Kid Zone Policy

All kids not involved in the WOD must stay in the kids’ zone.   We don’t even want them in the back room since that is frequently used for other purposes and could pose an injury risk while unsupervised. 

  • We want all parents with kids to please WOD in the corner by the kids zone to minimize the risk of them coming out on to the floor.
  • If the little ninja does a great job staying in the zone, awesome!
  • If they wander out once, no big deal we will kindly ask you to help us out by bringing them back.
  • If they wander out a second time we will ask you to bring a ninja master (sitter) to watch over them any time you come to class.  We will do some homework to find some sitter contacts – maybe you can even go in with other parents and share one.
  • If it becomes a recurring issue and no sitter is added, unfortunately we will have to ask you to come without the little ninja.

As we said, we want those little guys around!  Family fitness is huge!  Buuuuuut, we want to keep those little guys and YOU safe.

2) We love this stuff.  We want more opportunities to get better!

Request 1: We want Olympic lifting/strength classes, endurance, yoga, open gym times, and Sunday classes.

Solution: New Offerings

We were pumped to hear this – you simply want to get better at specific weak areas and that’s what we are here for!  In the near future (think mid September or October) we will be adding Oly/strength, yoga, and open gym times.  Once we get in a good rhythm with those we will take a look at endurance.  Obviously these additional classes require additional resources, staffing, programming, costs, and coaching, so we are sorting all that stuff out now, including the pricing that goes along with it.  We will have all the details figured out shortly!

Request 2:  Help us with accountability and results tracking please!

Solution: Results Tracking

Wooo whoo! The importance of tracking has sunk in.  Once we get the new class offering details ironed out, our next priority is to come up with either manual or online mechanisms to help you with accountability and results tracking.  We have some ideas but need to fully develop them before they launch.  Stay tuned!

Request 3: We need nutrition help!

Solution: Nutritionist on Staff

We totally agree.  In fact, we just recently brought on Registered Dietitian, Meg Estoff.  Meg has undergraduate in nutrition science and a Masters in Public Health.  She has many years of experience and now has her own practice.  We will be updating the website soon with Meg’s bio and services list.  We will also be partnering with her to run a fall nutrition challenge!!!

3) We love our community.  We want more ways to experience it!

Request 1:  Let’s do more things together.

It was incredibly gratifying to see all the positive things people wrote about our community.  At the end of the day, community is the reason we do what we do.  Really the only consistent constructive feedback we saw was that you want more of it!

Solution: Monthly Social Events

We now have a goal of doing at least 1 social event per month.  It may be in the form of some kind of athletic activity (hike, kayaking, skiing, competition, etc.), a social activity (going to a movie, partying at the box, etc.), or even a community activity (kettlebells 4 kids, habitat for humanity, etc.).  Check out the new events board by the cubbies!

Request 2: Can we have a non Facebook way to hear about things!

Solution: Cubby Whiteboard

Sure thing.  We typically announce things in class, but sometimes we forget because we are so fired up to teach some movements.  We have added a whiteboard by the cubbies that we will use for all events and important announcements.  Facebook is awesome for connecting though, so think about it!!

Request 3: It would be awesome to have somewhere that we can connect with other members.

Solution: Private Facebook Group – Join HERE: facebook.com/groups/BareCoveCommunity

Ok, so we know you non-Facebook folks won’t find this useful, but we will create a private Facebook group just for RCFBC community members!  Obviously we will monitor it and have certain guidelines (no one likes to see 800 “for sale” messages) but it will be a great place to find a workout buddy, gather people together for that NPGL event, or get recommendations on what jump rope to buy.

Once again, thank you for all your input.  Bear with us as we implement all these changes and make them run smoothly.  Our goal is to provide the absolute best service possible, so keep the feedback coming!

– Chris, Sharon, and Mike

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