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The 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge has finally arrived!

As you dig into those guilty pleasures one last time, there are certainly questions floating around in your mind.  Hopefully this write-up will answer many of those questions, but each team is assigned a coach in case you have more.  As always, you can also reach out to me as well.

The Teams

We are proud to have 27 teams of (mostly) 4, giving us over 100 people participating!  This is by far a record, so we may as well get record results.  Here are the teams.

# Team Members Coach
1 1 – Cindy MacLachlan, Rosanna Burke, Zee Selha, & Michele Sacks Lauren
2 2 – Toni Sidock, Amanda Agostino, Marlena Delaney, & Michelle Masone Harrison
3 3 – Barbie Lynch, Lenore Long, Elena Monarch, & Ryan O’Shea Olivieri
4 4 – Ellen Murray, Abi Kornet, Allison Corbett, & Claire Martin Mike
5 5 – Rachel Rodrigues, Erin Collins, Glen Froio, & Pat Condon Harrison
6 6 – Adam Belmarsh, Javier Perez, Jim Mello, & Brian McLaughlin Mike
7 7 – CW Estoff, Meg Estoff, Lynne O, & Eileen H Mike
8 8 – Brandy Nickerson, Dave Nickerson, Tomas Kindler, & Mike Columbus Lauren
9 9 – Nicci Emery, Alissa Cole, Chris Cole, & Rob Baynes Nicci
10 10 – Lars Samoska, Jennie Samoska, Jen E, & Jess M Scott
11 11 – Whitney Jiranek, Stephen Jiranek, Liza Mackinnon, & Brian Knies Olivieri
12 12 – Maia, Julie, Pat, & Sarah Mike
13 13 – Scott Birmingham, Jay Graham, Andrew Howell, & Steve Canto Mike
14 14 – Stacey Barnes, Corinne Conroy, Pat Conroy, & Adrien Duncan Eats
15 15 – Danielle Walsh, Janet Ryan, Hillary Shusterman, & Christene Candler Lauren
16 16 – Kathy Dunn, Kerri-Anne Hollinghead, Jenna Sills, & Mike Sills Eats
17 17 – Matt Chisholm, Aaron Stevenson, Lauren Chisholm, & Anjali Stevenson Scott
18 18 – Casey Nuttall, Mike LeBlanc, Shaun Selha, & Olivia Monarch Nicci
19 19 – Sharon Cain, Sally Clayton, Sue Marchioni, & Jessica McNabb Scott
20 20 – Paul Chapman, Brandy Chapman, Mike Lovering, & Sarah
21 21 – Brigitte Lussier, Melissa Webster, Amy Sorenson, & Emma Sarah
22 22 – Chris Nylen, Bill Griffiths, Sean Quirk, & Dennis Murray Scott
23 23 – Carri Kolb, Liz Coffey, Simon Galaviz, & Sarah
24 24 – Bob McDermott, Jay Bertovich, Brian, & Jason Swan Scott
25 25 – Jen Lesky, Jen Secaur, Carly Desmond, & Sarah
26 26 – Liz Grindle, MD, Laura Dosdell, & Jon Sarah
27 27 – Mike LeJeune, Lauren LeJeune, Brian Schier, & Jay Cordeiro Mike

Logging Your Scores

A quick reminder on scoring.  You start each day with 8 points.  For every cheat SERVING (drink or food), you take away a point for that day.  Fear not, you have the opportunity to earn additional points through exercise.  You will receive 2 points for each class you attend under one of our roofs (CrossFit, Bootcamp, cycling) and 1 point for anything you do outside (yoga, mobility, etc.).  Here is the catch – you have a max of 8 activity points per week.  In other words, take a rest day when you need it!!!

Each team has their own spreadsheet to log score.  It’s pretty simple: find your team number above.  Follow this link and find your team’s scoresheet.  Enter your name in one of the team members slots and fill in the yellow boxes each day.  Everything else is taken care of.

Each Monday, clear the scoring and repeat.

One important addendum.  We have some teams that only have three members, so all total team scores will be divided by number of people on team to give us apples to apples comparison.  E.g. a team of three with 99 points for the week (average of 33/member) will rank higher than the team of 4 with 100 (average of 25/member).


We will give out weekly prizes based on a variety of criteria.  Some weeks it may be top scoring team.  Others it may be most improved, at random, or frankly anything we want to pull out of the hat to keep everyone motivated.  Yes, that means you may finish first one week and not receive a prize, but I will at least promise you and pretty darn legit high five.

We will give out grand prizes at the end as well.  Total points will be one, but we may add another category or two 😉


You will undoubtedly have questions.  The coach on your team is there for you – use them!  If you didn’t catch it in my earlier post, I have included Week 1 and Week 2 of a paleo menu, a grocery list for it, and a printout of the details of this challenge.

If paleo will not work for you due to dietary needs (vegan for example), please let your coach know.


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