2017 RCFBC/SciCoh Internal Team Series

Welcome to the first annual RCFBC/SciCoh Internal Team Series!

Link to Heat Assignments and Scoreboard:


Although we don’t focus a ton on the competitive sport side of CrossFit, twice a year we love to rally both boxes around some fun competition – 1) The Open in Feb/March and 2) Annual Internal Competition in Nov/Dec. We find that fun competition inspires us to set goals, meet people, do things we didn’t know we could do, and most importantly – have fun with an amazing group of people.

This year, we decided to change it up a little and add an open-like element to the weeks leading up to the competition.  Here are the details…

What is the Internal Team Series?

The Internal Team Series (ITS) is an in-house, two-person team competition comprised of two workouts over two weeks that culminates in a final day of competition on Saturday, December 9th.

Who’s it for?

The ITS is designed for all skill and experience levels! Yes, even the noobies and scaled athletes, which describes most of us.

Every single workout has both an Rx and Scaled version. Additional adjustments will be made on an individual basis. Have a little injury? No worries, we got ya!

How do sign-ups and teams work?

Simple –  you don’t need to find a teammate, you just sign up as an individual by November 20th at 8PM here.

The earlier you sign up, the more of an advantage you will have in one of the workouts, so sign-up ASAP!

By November 22nd, we will assign and publish a list of teams.

Our goal is to create teams that are will have fun together and compliment each other’s strengths. Since there will be two workouts that need to be done int he 2 weeks leading up to the competition, we will try our best to make the teams convenient too!

The teams will likely be male/female, but will depend on sign-ups. Regardless, we will adjust workouts and scoring to make sure all is fair.

Click Here to Sign Up.

Why the assigned teams?

The unknown is always scary and we know that includes not knowing who your teammate will be!

Think back to the first day you walked into a CrossFit gym, or better yet the first WOD you ever completed…that was a terrifying experience.  Think of all the questions and doubt in your mind. How did that turn out? Pretty darn good!

Put your faith in us, and trust that the unknown will make for an even better experience.  It’ll help us deliver on our goals to build community, have fun, and help athletes discover new limits.

Ladies Division
Athlete 1 Athlete 2
Mo McCarthy Catherine Price
Katie Shaw Brandy Chapman
Carrie Kolb Heather Reardon
Mandy Kruggel Ellen Murray
Kattyuska Gledhill Josie Buyanovskiy
Laura Joyce Lauren LeJeune
Liza Mackinnon Ricci Sheridan
Erin MacDonald Jenna Sills
Nicci Emery Kathy Dunn
Bri Moreno Meg Estoff
Lisa Gates Amanda Agostino
Stacey Barnes Shelley Davis-Wheeler
Krisztina Pinter Anita Grieco
Janet Pawlowski Lauren Stoloff
Vanessa Kelly Rosanna Burke
Male Division
Athlete 1 Athlete 2
Patrick Farr Tony Pare
Pat Reardon Cal Brady
Brian Kerr Stephen Sherman
Brian Rawston Ryan Quirk
Mark Rollins Mike Mylett
Jim Mello Mike Sills
Javier Perez John Frey
Mike Nagle Evan Shuman
Jeff Sheridan Mike LeBlanc
Jeff Bates Robbie Murray
Brian Pott Noah Wheeler
Matt Merenich Brian Smits
Scott Birmingham Joe Casey
Sandor Petre Pat Condon
Nate Froio Mike O’Neil
Dave Long Chris Olivieri
Paul Goff TBD

What’s the Schedule?

The first workout will be released the night of Monday, November 27th. You and your partner have until Friday 8PM of that week to complete and submit your score.

The second workout will be released the night of Monday, December 4th. You and your partner have until Friday 8PM of that week to complete and submit your score.

NOTE: Tuesday’s workout for those two weeks will be the workout, but you are welcome to complete it as many times as you want throughout the week and submit your best score by the deadline.

The final 4 workouts will be completed on Saturday, December 9th. Athletes will arrive around 8AM for warm-up and we should finish up by 2PM.

What’s the cost?

$20 per athlete and an unused toy to donate the Saturday of competition.

We will use the entry fee for competition shirts, prizes, and if anything is left over we will use it to purchase toys for donation.

Judging and Scoring

We will judge each other during the Tuesday class and the Saturday competition. If you complete the week workouts at a separate time, you must be judged by a coach or someone else competing.

We will post a score submission link at a later date.

The winning team will be determined via the original CrossFit Games system (1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd…lowest score wins).


Week 1 11/27 – 12/1

WOD 1 – “Krackie Kills”
For Time:

Athlete 1: “Karen”
150 Wall Balls (20lb to 10’/14lb to 9’, scaled 14lb to 10’/12lb to 9’)

As soon as Athlete 1 completes Karen,

Athlete 2: “Jackie”
1000 meter row
50 Thrusters (45/35 for all athletes)
30 Pull-Ups (1 Medium band for scaled)

Clock is continuous and will start at the beginning of “Karen” and end after “Jackie”. Teams may choose which athlete completes which workout.

Submit Score for WOD 1 Here: https://goo.gl/forms/EcadXqnCMUuuP3nS2

Week 2

WOD 2 – “Bench, Please”
With a 10 min. running clock:

Both athletes begin the WOD by doing 50 burpees each at the same time.

When and only when both athletes are done, the remaining time will be used to establish a 20RM bench press.

Once a weight has been attempted, a weight lower than that may no longer be used BY EITHER ATHLETE.

The score is combined team bench press weight.

Submit Score for WOD 2 Here: 

Competition Day – Saturday, December 9th

WOD 3 – “Snatch Meet”

3 Lifts to establish a 1RM Snatch

Athletes will be grouped into several groups. The first athlete of that group will take the stage, load the weight he/she wants, and attempt a lift. Make or miss, that athlete will get back in line and the next athlete will take the stage. Each athlete in that group will go through this process three times for a total of three lifts. The highest successful lift is that athlete’s score for the event.

WOD 4 – “Double Mile”

Each partner completes a full round. One after the other.
2 Rounds for Time
1 Mile Run
100 Double Unders

*Scaled workout uses 300 Single Unders instead

WOD 5 – “Kitchen Sync”

As a team of 2, complete 4 rounds for time:
10 Synchronized toes to bar (synchro is toes hitting bar at the same time)
15 Synchronized hand release push-ups (synchro is chest at the bottom at the same time and arms locked out at same time)
10 Tandem Deadlifts (Both on same bar. 315lbs/225lbs)
15 Synchronized box jumps (24″/20″, synchro is standing tall on box at the same time)

Scaled Version

10 Synchro Toes to KB
10 Synchro HR Push-ups from the knees
10 Tandem Deadlifts (255/160)
10 Synchro Step Ups

WOD 6 – (released day of competition)

Final WOD – (released day of competition)


If you have any questions, shoot us an email at mike@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com.


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