2018 Intramural Open

2/2/18 Announcement

The 2018 Intramural Draft will be Thursday, February 8th @ 6PM @ SciCoh. We will draft the pool of all those signed up for the open and randomly assign people to teams. It won’t take too long and frankly is a great excuse to share some suds with your buddies! I’ll be streaming it live as well.

Captains Are Announced

These amazing folks have stepped up to make sure you have an incredible five weeks!

Jenn WB/Kellie R, Katie S/Jay C, Erin M/Pat C, and Ellen M/Robbie M


The 2018 Intramural Open is upon us!

Each year in late February, CrossFit Headquarters hosts an online, global 5 week competition called The CrossFit Open.  It’s a competition where 300,000+ athletes participate from around the world.

For 5 weeks, each Thursday night starting on February 22nd a workout will be released.  All athletes have until the following Monday evening to complete and enter their score.

And yes – ALL skill levels can participate…there are Rx, Scaled, Teens, and even Masters (50+) versions of the workouts.

While it is technically used to identify and eventually crown the fittest man, woman, and team on Earth, it’s an amazing opportunity to build community.

With that in mind, we take it the the next level with the intramural open…

The what?

For us, the open is all about having fun and building community. For our third year in a row now, we will do that by hosting the intramural open.

The intramural open will consist of 4 teams made up of amazing people from both boxes, CrossFit SciCoh and Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove. Those teams will be awarded points throughout the open based on participation, success and most importantly spirit on any given week.

How are teams made?

We will select 4 sets of captains that we know will bring great fun and joy to their teams.

From there we will have Draft Night, where all those signed up for the Open will be randomly picked for teams….and then the fun begins.

During the 5 week competition, your team earns a point each week for every single team member that simply posts a score. This means the larger the team – the larger the potential point total.

So how do you grow your team? You recruit them.

You have from Draft Night until the Thursday the open begins (Feb 22) to bribe and beg anyone that is a member at either gym to be part of your team.  We will start each team with a player cap though and raise it as all teams fill.

How does scoring work?

Each week, teams accumulate points in a few ways:

  1. They earn 1 point for every athlete that enters their score
  2. They earn 3 points for every athlete that places in the top 3 of an Rx division
  3. They earn 5 points if their team win’s the weekly spirit award

At the end of the 5 weeks, scores are totaled and the team with the largest score wins!

How do I sign up?

Simple – click the button below.

Be sure to choose your home affiliate (CrossFit SciCoh or Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove).

The cost is $20 and goes to CrossFit Headquarters. Trust us – it’ll be well worth it for the 5 weeks.

Weekly Socials

In years past we have done 5 weeks of Friday Night Lights, where each Friday Night we get together, do the workout, and have some beverages after.

It’s fun, but 5 weeks in a row is tough, so this year we are mixing up the social events.

  • Week 1 – Friday, February 23 – Friday Night Lights ~6PM
  • Week 2 – Sunday, March 4 – Sunday Funday – 8:30AM – we will crush 18.2 and then crush brunch afterwards even harder!
  • Week 3 – Friday, March 9 – Friday Night Lights ~6PM
  • Week 4 – Thursday, March 15 – Thursday Throwdown – 8:00PM – as soon as the WOD is announced we will do it! We will have a couple of coaches and members go head to head and stream it live on FB!
  • Week 5 – Friday, March 23 – Friday Night Lights ~6PM

Do I have to come to all the social events?


We of course highly encourage you to be there, but we realize your lives are filled with so many things.

If you can’t make it, no big deal. The regular class workout on Fridays will be the open WOD and you are welcome to come in on Saturday or Monday to get it done as well.

Wait, I’m not the best athlete – will I hold my team back?


By simply showing up and entering a score you actually score a point for your team. The score itself doesn’t really matter much.

But why would I compete? I won’t win.

There are so many reasons.

  1. It’s fun…no really, it is. During these 5 weeks there is an energy in the gym that is hard to replicate the remainder of the year. When we get together for Friday Night Lights. 50+ people take turns giving it their all and then cheering on everyone else afterwards. The music is pumping, sweat is dripping, and cheers are flowing.
  2. You will surprise yourself. I’ve seen people that struggle with single unders get their first double under. I’ve seen PRs on squats, presses, box jumps, and muscle ups. Most importantly, I see just about everyone say – “I can’t believe I just did that.”
  3. It’s a benchmark for where YOU are. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter one bit where you finish vs. everyone else. It matters what your scores are today vs. your scores tomorrow. One of my favorite moments is repeating workouts from the previous year. I get to see athletes that are one more year into their fitness journey smash their old scores. They are always overcome with pride and renewed motivation to keep going. Had they not done the open – they would miss that experience.

There will be more details, times, and dates to come, but in the meantime just sign up and get ready for an amazing time!

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