345 Healthy Habit Community Challenge

Happy New Year!

Before 2015 ended both boxes achieved some amazing results with a nutrition challenge. Pounds and inches were shed, PRs were made, and people were looking/feeling good. Then came the holidays…hopefully you guys were better than me, but I sure know that a couple of those old bad habits started coming back 🙁

3-4-5 Healthy Habit Challenge

With the new year upon us, I want to do a little something to get us rolling again. This is quick, dirty, simple, and hopefully effective. For the month of January each box is one big team and the goal each week is simple…3-4-5

  • 3 cheats or less per week (1 serving = 1 cheat)
  • 4 days of high intensity workouts – CrossFit, bootcamp, cycling, or anything else that is HIGH INTENSITY!!
  • 5 days of mobility; 10 min. or more each of those days


If you accomplish the 3-4-5 for that week then you get a check mark.  If you don’t then it’s an x.  For each x, ALL OF THOSE PARTICIPATING will owe 15 burpees….yup, there is the peer pressure portion 🙂 So if 5 folks x that week, then everyone participating owes 5 x 15 = 75 burpees.

How to Enter and Track

Simple – write your name on the board.  We will mark off a portion of the board where we will track names and results. It’s up to you to update it each Monday with either a check or an x.

Cost of Entry

Also easy – 1 lacrosse ball.  You can find one at play it again sports, steal one from your kids, whatever…these will of course be used to grow our supply so more folks can mobilize!


You MUST measure something, but WHAT is up to you. My recommendation is at least a picture for before and after.  Other ideas – mark down how you feel physically and mentally before and after, take body measurements, do a benchmark WOD, and if you absolutely must then hop on the scale (cough cough, I just threw up a little even suggesting that metric). Need our help measuring? Sweet, let us know and we will help.


As I said, this is quick and dirty to help us focus on our health and fitness goals, so we aren’t doing any material prizes. The greatest prize of all is your gains in your health journey.  If tangible prizes will help, I am happy to offer up high and low five prize packs.

When does it start?

TOMORROW! Monday, January 4th and goes all month.  Weeks will run Monday through Sunday.

As I said, it’s quick and dirty, but I’m hoping it’ll be what some of us need to get going as a community in 2016.  We are one big team in this, so let’s kick some ass together!


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