Saturday’s WOD – Move In Day!

Saturday’s WOD: Move in Part 1!

Hey Bare Covers,

Awesome news!  Our permanent home is ready for step 1 of move in!  You’ve already built this community and made it a home for each other so now is your chance to do it physically.

There is no expectation or pressure to help out, BUT we will make it into an actual team WOD!! Believe it or not this will be fun….AND….we will get our eat on afterwards.  Chris, Sharon, and I will grill up some burgers, dogs, etc. (all paleo of course :)) and have some beverages available afterwards.  We also encourage you guys to bring your favorite paleo side, app, or dessert!

When: Saturday, February 2nd – 10:00AM until whenever (probably noon)

What: “Build the House” WOD + Paleo eats afterwards

What to Bring: Yourself, workout clothes suitable for outside environment, and any kind of paleo sides/apps/desserts/beverages you want to bring.

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