6 Week to Summer Challenge Details for New Members

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Welcome to RCFBC!

Trust me, I know it took guts to walk through the doors and sign-up for this challenge.  You will not regret it!  I am Mike LeJeune, part owner of RCFBC and the coordinator of this challenge.  I’m here to make sure you have an amazing experience that pushes you a little out of your comfort zone but does so to be fun and effective.  If there is anything I can ever do to better your experience, please let me  know.

Below you will find all the details and answers to your questions.  If you have additional questions, please shoot me an email at coaches@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com

Step 1 – Schedule Your Before Measurements

How do we know if something is effective? We measure it! In this case, we will be using our InBody 270 machine, which is one of the most accurate machines on the planet when it comes to measuring body fat and assessing our overall body composition.

It will only take about 15 minutes to measure.  You simply stand on a machine, hold the handles, and it will print out a report of your body composition.  We will then review it with you and answer questions.  At the end, we will measure again and compare before and after.

Schedule your measurement session here.

Step 2 – Join Our RCFBC Community Facebook Page

This is a private Facebook group for our members…yes, you are a member now!  This is how we communicate updates/winners/other info regarding the challenge, share recipes, etc.

Request to join here.

Step 3 – Prepare to Eat like a Champ

We have put together three things for you to get started.

  1. A nutrition handout that explains how to eat.  Download here.
  2. Two weeks of recipes.  Week 1 is here.  Week 2 is here.
  3. A grocery list for those two weeks.  Download here.

Eating a new way can be difficult at first.  You have to understand exactly what you are supposed to do, find new meals, and shop differently.  Hopefully the three documents above will help with that process.  If you have questions along the way, ask us, your team coach, or the RCFBC community!

Step 4 – Come to Class!

This 6 week challenge comes with 3 classes per week.  The beauty of RCFBC is that you have options on how to use those classes.  The first two weeks will be more prescribed and the last four is your choice, but we have put our two cents in.

Weeks 1 & 2

Classes available:

  • Beginner Classes: Monday and Thursday 7:30PM
  • Bootcamp Classes: Monday 9:30AM & 6:30PM, Tuesday 6:00AM, Wednesday 9:30AM & 6:30PM, Thursday 6:00AM & 6:00PM, Friday 9:30AM & 6:00PM, Sunday 9:00AM
  • Cycling: Schedule can be found here.

The ideal schedule: Monday 7:30PM Beginner Class, Thursday 7:30PM Beginner Class, & either a bootcamp or cycling class.  IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, DO THIS SCHEDULE! We have designed those beginner classes to get to know you and your goals and to spend a lot of time focusing on how to move properly.

The alternate schedule: We realize that some of you may not be able to make 7:30PM work, so in that case attend at least 2 Bootcamps and your choice of 1 other type of class.  Don’t worry, new folks will fit in to Bootcamp just fine.

Weeks 3-6

The most common goals we have heard from people are losing weight, toning, and building some strength.  To accomplish this, we must work the total body and do some strength work on top of our cardio.  Specifically we want to incorporate strength at least two of the 3 sessions and ideally all 3.  CrossFit does this the best, followed by Bootcamp, followed by the RipRides+ classes.

Classes available:

  • CrossFit: M-F 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 8:30AM, 9:30AM, Noon, 5:30PM, 6:30PM (not on Friday), Saturday 9:00AM *Must have competed the beginner classes in weeks 1 and 2
  • Bootcamp: Monday 9:30AM & 6:30PM, Tuesday 6:00AM, Wednesday 9:30AM & 6:30PM, Thursday 6:00AM & 6:00PM, Friday 9:30AM & 6:00PM, Sunday 9:00AM
  • Cycling: Schedule can be found here.

Ideal Schedule: 2 CrossFit classes and any class of your choice (including CrossFit).

Alternate Schedule: If you were unable to make beginner classes, we recommend 2 bootcamps and a cycling class.

Step 5 – Record Your Scores!

Each team will have a shared spreadsheet that each individual can use to record his/her scores.  Don’t worry, each team will also have a coach to help them understand how to do it.  Your coach will send you the link to your scoresheet at the beginning of the first week.

Points reminder: You receive 8 points a day if you eat flawlessly.  You subtract 1 for every SERVING of food you eat/drink that does not adhere to the guidelines.  You receive 2 activity points for any class under this roof.  You receive 1 point for any exercise, stretching, etc. you do outside our 4 walls.  You can receive a max of 8 activity points/wk.

Step 6 – Stay Motivated and Win Things!

Each week we will give out some small prizes.  Sometimes it’ll be based on best team performance.  Other times it might be random, most improved, or any other way we decide to keep folks motivated.

Step 7 – Remeasure and Be Proud!

We will remeasure you at the end so you can be proud of your measurable improvement!  Details on how and when to sign up for that will come out at a later date.

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