Thursday 7-4-13

 In WODs

Warm Up

Group Dynamic Warm Up

Group Mobility Sesh


Bear Complex

Slam Balls


“Bear Balls”

Teams of 3: 2 working, 1 resting

15 min. AMRAP

Bear Complex (155/115)

Slam Balls (25/20)

Bear Complex – Squat Clean, Shoulder to Overhead, Back Squat, Shoulder to Overhead

After Party

100 Partner Med Ball Sit Up Tosses


Travel WOD

7 min. AMRAP

10 Unloaded Bear Complexes

20 Sit Ups

Unloaded Bear Complex means to simply move like you have a bar but you don’t really have one.  Mimic a squat clean (starting from floor), shoulder to overhead, back squat, shoulder to overhead.


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