Our Purpose

At Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove, we exist for one reason – to enable our members, our family, to discover and obtain the elements necessary to be fit in every part of their lives.  “Fit for life” will mean something different for all of us, but the approach to get us there is the same – and it doesn’t involve machines, treadmills, endless hours at the gym, or the same routine workouts every day.  However it does involve challenging your mind and body in ways you haven’t before.

By supplementing this approach with a strong community of individuals that care just as much about your success as their own, you will experience fitness in a way that you never have before.

Our Unique Training Approach

We follow the CrossFit philosophy meaning we perform constantly varied, functional movements at a high-intensity. Functional movements are the foundational movements we do in everyday life.  By becoming more proficient at these movements, we become fit for life.

We don’t have treadmills, machines, or ellipticals.  Instead, we have pull-up bars, ropes, rings., free weights and kettle bells. This can sound intimidating at first glance, but the beauty is that every movement we do can be scaled appropriate for the most experienced of athletes down to someone that hasn’t moved in years.

Our Full-Service CrossFit Facility

With over 9,000 square feet of space we are able to provide a full list of amenities and services not found at most CrossFit boxes.  We have full locker rooms and showers along with massage rooms and yoga services.  We also offer a full store for all of your nutritional and equipment needs.

Our Community

Just the results you will experience will be enough for you to realize the power of Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove, but it’s the community that makes it special.  We seek to create a community that is concerned with all of your goals both within and outside of CrossFit.  We are building a community where our members care as much for your own success as they do their own.  The community is what is truly special and is what makes Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove an incredible place to train.