Hey CrossFitters!

I’m your head coach, Mike.

Bios can be a bit lengthy, so let me get to the important part first – why I am here and what you can expect from me as your head coach.

Why I’m Here

I’m here because I’ve experienced first hand the power of CrossFit and its ability to change lives. I’ve seen how it transforms bodies and minds. I’ve experienced what a powerful CrossFit community can do for people and I want to bring that to you.

What You Can Expect from Me

There are four things I will commit to give you each and every day:

  • Knowledge of and sincere care for your individual goals and progress regardless if they are CrossFit related or not
  • An open mind and consistent pursuit of creating a unique community that breeds success
  • Obsession with our community (members and coaches) being great in everything we do
  • Passion and energy – and lots of it. I apologize in advance.


I’m a good ole’ southern guy from Baton Rouge, LA that grew up a gymnast and multi-sport athlete. Once I hit high school, I focused on soccer and played competitively all over the country. In college, I discovered that strength training and good nutrition could do wonders for your mind and body. I became a personal trainer and told my family that one day I would open my own gym, but that I didn’t want it to just be another globo gym. I wanted it to be special. I had no idea what it was until I discovered CrossFit.

After joining Reebok, I became a member of Reebok CrossFit One and then it all clicked. I experienced transformations in all aspects of life and shortly thereafter became a coach. There I learned from and trained with some of the best athletes and coaches in the world, including two coaches that are on the CrossFit Seminar staff responsible for training CrossFit coaches. Ultimately all the right forces came together and here I am dedicated my life to improving yours!!

I’m really excited to work with all of you and help you experience the same amazing things I’ve been a part of and witnessed.

Let’s do this thing!



Sharon Froio (1)

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Ohio. I moved to Massachusetts when I met my husband, Chris Froio. My own journey with CrossFit began just over a year ago. I have been a fitness enthusiast all of my life including playing sports in school and college. I have always believed in the importance of healthy eating and staying active throughout life. That belief has grown and changed over the years, most importantly, when I discovered CrossFit. I will admit it was not immediate love for me. I questioned all aspects of it but decided to embrace it and jump right in. It was the only way to answer all of my questions. Boy did they get answered! My husband and I began a search for the right location and the right size space to bring this part of our lives to our friends and family. RCFBC was born!!

I earned my CrossFit Level One Certificate in September 2012 and in November 2012, our RCFBC journey began. My hope is to bring the highest level of coaching, in the most amazing facility, to our members. The community that we have created at RCFBC is really an extension of family for some of us. Your successes are our successes. I am amazed and humbled on a daily basis at how so many lives have improved through CrossFit. I will always strive to provide the best possible facility and experience at our box. Chris and I also have the privilege of raising our children in this community and teaching them the importance of eating healthy and staying fit for life.


Sarah O'SheaMy interest in how the body moves and functions was sparked at a very young age. I grew up surrounded by strong athletes, beginning ballet at age 2 and continuing through high school, where I was a competitive track athlete. In college, I played varsity squash. As an adult, I continued to be very active, running the Boston Marathon in 2003, as well as competing in many 1/2 marathons, triathlons and road races. My interest in fitness ultimately lead me to become a certified pre/post natal fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and CrossFit Coach.

My passion for fitness lead me to CrossFit in 2012 where I fell in love with its diversity, intensity and community. Every workout leaves me challenged both physically and mentally, something I have yet to find in any other fitness endeavor. As a coach, I am grateful to witness how CrossFit empowers, inspires and motivates the athletes who come through our doors. It’s my goal to be the best coach I can be, inspire others to challenge their physical limits and feel accomplished, proud and wanting more!


Nicci Emery

I grew up in Rockland MA, and started getting active when I was 5 by doing dance and gymnastics. I began playing soccer when I was 8 and moved into playing competitive club soccer as a goalie when I was 10. During high school I played soccer for 4 years, was co-captain my junior and senior years, and played softball for 3 years. In college I played club soccer & intramurals for 4 years. I attended the University of Connecticut for my undergrad focusing on Sport Communication. I attended Southern New Hampshire University for grad school and majored in Sport Management with a grad certificate in International Sport Business, graduating magna cum laude in December 2010.

My CrossFit life began 3 years ago at Reebok CrossFit One. As an employee at Reebok I was blessed to be introduced to a new workout program that Reebok was beginning to partner with. I went from doing my regular cardio on the elliptical and free weights 3 times a week to going to CrossFit classes at lunch 4-5 days a week and I haven’t looked back! I’ve participated in 3 CrossFit Opens and have gotten better and stronger each year. I earned my CrossFit Level 1 certificate in October 2011 and began coaching at RCFBC in February 2013. Like Rich Froning & Ben Smith my journey in life, as an athlete, and as a coach, is led by my faith.

The best thing about CrossFit is how it changes people’s lives mentally, physically, and emotionally and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of that. To see someone who starts CrossFit and to be able to watch their journey and their personal growth is the greatest reward to me and there is no better place to do that than at BareCove!

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Harrison AnthonyI was born and raised down the road in Scituate, MA. Growing up in Massachusetts, I was the traditional Boston sports nut loving everything Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots. However, my own fitness journey didn’t begin until high school when I began running track and playing club rugby. As i started exploring methods for changing my body composition in the hopes of not only preventing my demise on the rugby pitch but also improving my performance overall, my fascination with strength training began. This fascination blossomed during college when I began training in Krav Maga for two years as well as various other martial arts and also discovered Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. The love of exercise and the sciences eventually led me to pursuing a degree in the field of exercise science. I am currently completing a BS at Bridgewater State University in preparation for pursuing a DPT. As your coach at Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove I am dedicated to the tenant of virtuosity, ensuring that all of our members will be the best they can be in the gym and transitively, in life. I am here to help you reach your health and fitness goals in the fun, positive atmosphere that is Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove!



I grew up not far from here, in Kingston, MA. I’ve been active my whole life with endless energy and drive to try everything and anything. I grew up playing and coaching soccer, golf, and martial arts. I currently work at Reebok and when the company first partnered with CrossFit eeeeeveryone was trying CrossFit and to be honest, I didn’t join in right away. I’d sample a class here and there, but didn’t get this whole ‘community thing’. In the beginning, no matter what it said on the white board, I’d put the same light weight on the bar – I never pushed myself. Then I’ll never forget, one day I got my first pull up. Now, granted I was trying to impress my now soon-to-be husband, but I’ll never forget that feeling I had – not only the feeling of accomplishment, but the overwhelming excitement from the community – they were almost more excited than me! From then on it was “hm, what else can I do?” and the rest is history. I think some come in and are discouraged that they can’t do pull ups or push ups right away, but they forget we all came from somewhere – it took me a while to get pull ups, I had to work hard …but that hard work always pays off. I always go back to this quote: “What seems impossible today will one day be your warmup” and it’s true!

I’ve been coaching since about February of 2011. I coached soccer, golf, and martial arts all growing up, but after college was searching for something…some way to help people. When I met Mike and RCFBC opened, it was just such a natural transition. Coaching is just in my blood – It sounds cliché, but I can’t tell you have fired up I get about our members’ accomplishments. Whether it be a big back squat PR, a muscle up, or even a 20-inch step up onto a box, I literally get chills. Ok ok, enough of the sappy stuff – What can you expect from me? I have an absurd amount of energy…yes, even at 5:30 in the morning… you might think I’m just constantly drinking coffee – incorrect, just me  I try to make classes fun with a few really important takeaways for each movement within the WOD. Plus, if you can’t have fun with what you’re doing, what’s the point, right? Whether I’m at RCFBC or CrossFit SciCoh, for that hour I’m dedicated to helping you meet your goals, move safely….and provide a little entertainment along the way.

I think the funniest thing people say about CrossFit, especially women is “I don’t want to get bulky” – and let me just say I’ve been TRYING to get some of those back muscles for years and I’m still working on it! An athlete would have to train several times a day as well eat and drink A LOT of protein and supplements to get ‘bulky’ …and even still, many bodies are just not destined to ever be bulky. Some days I wish I at least had some of those genes 😉


• Level 1 Trainer
• Mobility
• Crossroads Adaptive Certificate holder
• CPR/AED Certified