Adam “PARATROOPER” Belmarsh


1) Adam, we all thank you for your service with the United States Army, but before we talk about that, can you tell us about yourself?

I am 43 years old and am living in North Weymouth. I’ve been married to my wife Barbara for 9 years and have 2 boys Grady age 7 and Ryan age 6. I grew up in Hull. i enlisted in the United States Army on 28 August 1996 and my ob was a Combat Engineer. I spent 4 years at Fort Riley, Kansas with the 1st Engineer Battalion-1st Infantry Division from 1997-2001. I then spent 1 year (2001-2002) in Korea assigned to the 2nd Engineer Battalion-2nd Infantry Division. I then re-enlisted for my second time and from 2002-2006 was assigned to the the 307th Engineer Battalion-82nd Airborne Division as a PARATROOPER. Yes thats right, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Now I’m currently working for the United States Customs and Border Protection at Logan Airport for the last 7 years. 

2) You had 4 tours of duty from 1996 to 2006, can you please tell us where that took you and what a day in the life was like?

Yes i’ve had 4 tours of duty while serving in the Army. I was deployed to Bosnia in 1999 with the A company 1st Engineer Battalion-1st Infantry Division. Our mission was to destroy land mines which we did successfully on a daily basis. While assigned to the B company 307th Engineer Battalion-82nd Airborne Division attached to the 325 Infantry Battalion, we deployed 3 times. My first time was in 2003-2004 for the initial push into Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. My second deployment was from 2004-2005 also with the B company 307th Engineer Battalion-82nd Airborne Division attached to the 325 Infantry Battalion for Operation Iraqi Freedom. My 3rd and final deployment was 3 moths after i returned from my 2nd deployment and once again with B company 307th Engineer Battalion-82nd Airborne Division attached to the 325 Infantry Battalion where went to Afghanistan in 2005. In all 3 deployments we would wake up eat breakfast and get ready for missions. We would conduct many raids day and night time missions. In all my tours except for on I was either a squad leader or team leader responsible for 4-7 soldiers. 

3) What was the most positive experience you took home with you from these tours?

My most positive experience I took home from all my tours was bringing my team/squad home with zero injuries and casualties. When we all came home, we became an even bigger family in the “Brotherhood”

4) You played Ice Hockey and were on the wrestling team in high school, any glory day stories for us?

I wrestled for Hull High my Freshman and Sophomore years at 103lbs. I made it to the Semi-Finals in the State Championship my Sophomore year. I then went to Weymouth Catholic (Sacred Heart) in Weymouth my final 2 years. It was a new program there and many of my team was from Dorchester and a couple from Hull so we played like Chiefs in the movie “Slap Shot”. Old School Hockey minus the fights. 

5) What sparked your interest in walking through the doors at Bare Cove?

Well I had been working out for about 2 years next door at Planet Fitness and had recently completed a couple 5k obstacle course runs with a friend who is a coach at a crossfit box on the North Shore. She was talking about it and said i should try it because i would love it. So i had been talking about it with my wife and low and behold on Christmas of last year she gave me the best present! My present was an On-Ramp Package.

6) You have been part of the community for almost a year now, how has it changed you physically, mentally, or socially? 

I LOVE IT! Physically i think i’m getting stronger and over all in better shape than just running and lifting weights. well mentally, i’ve always had believe its mind over matter and for me i have no mind so it doesn’t really matter.LOL! But seriously i never look at what the WOD is going to be the next day so i don’t psych myself out of coming. I just come in the next day and do it. Socially i’m a quiet person until i get to know someone and even then i’m quiet. The community has broken me of that. The community to me is awesome especially when it comes to helping each other with WODs to complete them or even to push another individual to strive for more. Reminds me of my military days. 

7) Cross-fit and the military are closely aligned, most of the military branches have adopted the exercise regimen.  We pay tribute and honor them through “Hero Workouts”. If you could nominate someone for a hero workout, who would that be?

First off, I love the Hero Workouts!! I push myself even harder on that day! If i could nominate 1 man it would be team leader from Afghanistan. His name was Nathan Cox, born in California on 15 July 1982. Nate spent 4 years at Fort Bragg from 2001-2005 as a combat engineer when he decided to get out of the Army after 3 combat deployments. He spent about 2 years in civilian life and rejoined the Army as a medic. Nate was assigned to HHC 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st BCT, 101 Airborne Division. Nate was deployed to Afghanistan with his unit and assigned to a Combat Engineer Unit in the Nangarhar Province. While on patrol on 14 June 2010 in the Nangarhar Province with his Engineers, they went to assist another patrol who had become receiving enemy fire. During the fire fight Nate was patching soldiers up and when all the soldiers were attended to, Nate had jumped onto an empty machine gun on a HUMMV and was wounded. Nate died on 16 June 2010. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor POSTHUMOUSLY.

8) Lastly, your team was the week 2 winner in the nutrition challenge; how do you think you will fare in the “Family Feud” internal competiiton?

My team in the Nutrition Challenge is AWESOME. TEAM RUGG are great. Ive learned a lot. I think Team Single under will fare well! We have some great obstacles in front of us, like double under but We’re not afraid! We’re not in it to win it but we’ll give 110% 


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