Alisa “The dog whisperer”

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Alisa-  I don’t really know what to say about me, I am really a pretty simple kinda girl. I am 47 (eeeeek), a single mom of the absolute best daughter anyone could ask for, she is the best thing I have ever done! Career wise, I spent about 13 years in the social work field and then left to help my dad run his business (he owned and operated a jewelry store). I spent close to 15 years as a jeweler and manager of the shop until his retirement time. Now it is ME TIME! I currently run my own dog walking business and I FINALLY LOVE what I am doing. I keep wondering what the heck took me so long to figure this out, but that’s the story of my life.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Alisa-  So, hmmm..I guess you could say that before CrossFit I was floundering. I have always had a weight issue and until very recently, my weight was totally out of control. I joined Weight Watcher and over the course of 18 months I lost that extra 182 pounds…yup, not shitting ya..that’s like a large human. And once that monkey was off my back I became obsessed with exercise and keeping it off. I joined a gym and did the same things day after day and not only was I bored out of my mind, but it stopped working. It seemed that no matter how many hours a day I worked out, the weight still started to creep back and I was damned if I was going back to being so large and miserable…. and then BOOM, RCFBC arrived!!!  I had heard about CrossFit, how intense it was and how hard it was. I stalked the website and saw the pics of what people were doing at this new gym. I was curious and terrified at the same time. Luckily I got a push and encouragement from people I knew who already joined and raved about it..Thank You Bea & Kevin! Honestly, walking in the door that very first day may be the scariest thing I have ever done and now I can say it is also one of the best things I have ever done. I love challenging myself and RCFBC does that for me. Every single WOD is a challenge and an accomplishment. I am so thankful to be here and to be encouraged to push myself all the time. I leave after every WOD feeling like I did something great.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

Alisa-  It’s so hard to explain how important this community of people has become to me. I owe so much to so many of the great friends I feel I have made here. Sometimes there are WODs that really make me question my abilities and no matter how badly I want to give up, or how close to death I think I am… it has never failed that at those moments I can look up and there is someone there to give me a look of encouragement or to yell my name from across the room to push me…or even to stand right in my face even when I am begging them to go away and just keep cheering me on..How can I not finish when these wonderful, amazing and crazy people all think I can do it. And worse case scenario, if I do keel over and die, at least someone is watching and can put away my weights! Seriously though, I may have walked into RCFBC alone, but now I feel like I have a large family to support me. I love it and all of my new friends!

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Alisa-  I am not usually someone to take note of my own accomplishments so this question has me thinking hard. I guess when it comes right down to it I have to admit, I am proud of all of it..everything that I can do simply shocks me. When I joined I thought I was fit and strong but quickly realized I was not. But now I can feel muscles I never had and an inner strength and confidence that is growing everyday. As far as picking one movement that I am most proud of, not possible because there is so much that I never ever even considered that I would be able to do. I love deadlifts  and power cleans, and I always looked forward to hatch days..squatting with heavy weight on my back..(who’da thunk it!!) but what really makes me smile are box jumps..every time I land on the box I feel like confetti should be falling from the ceiling and a marching band should be parading through the door…Ummmm, Mike maybe you could work on making that happen, Hmmm???? 🙂

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Alisa-   Just like my accomplishments, my challenges are everything.. I want to get better at all of it, that’s the beauty of this lunacy we call CrossFit, you can always improve. Right now I am working on getting out of my own head and conquering everything I should have learned in 3rd grade.. I want to get better at handstands, rope climbs, double unders and as recently found out, I apparently need lesson in hula hooping! Mostly though, I want an un-assisted pull-up..I want it bad!!!

6. Outside of CrossFit what do you enjoy doing?

Alisa-  Outside of CrossFit I enjoy being with my dog(s).I love being a dog walker and playing with my pups. I am involved in dog rescue so besides having my own amazing rescue dog, I also foster dogs until they find their own forever homes. I really enjoy being outside. I like kayaking, camping, fishing..I would love to learn to surf. I love spending time with my daughter and I am always happy to just sit around and watch movies.

7. If you could hang out with someone famous for an entire day who would it be?  and why? 

Alisa-  I feel like I should tell you that if I could spend the day with a famous person I would pick someone important like a political figure or scientist..but come on now, if you guys know me at all you should know by now, I’m not that deep… I would have to spend my day with Brad Pitt and why you ask…really now, it’s all about the eye candy!!!


Alisa is beautiful inside and out! She is caring and has a great sense of humor! Not to mention losing 182lbs pounds…WOW! That’s a success story all by itself. She has accomplished so much since joining RCFBC and is looking to accomplish many more goals.

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