Annette Fritsch

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Beer, dogs, and being free-spirited pretty much sums up my approach to life. I am 37, and  I moved to Boston  from Oregon about 4 and a half years ago to work for the Boston Beer Company (makers of Samuel Adams, Angry Orchard and a variety of other alcoholic beverages). I run the research and product innovation departments.  This means that I lead the teams that develop new beverages for all to consume and enjoy! I also am in charge of the sensory department, which is about tasting the products for quality.  I love it, but I never imagined my life would be devoted to beer.  

The facts? Grew up in Ohio, and never moved until I was 18, but then moved over 25 times, all over the US. Been to various countries around the globe and hope to visit more. Love dogs. Enjoy good food. Have done yoga all my life. Will rarely turn down a drink. Played in a band for years. Draw on occasion. Dance as often as possible. And live to see the colors of life.

So…anyway, a year after living in the city, I moved to Hull on the notion that living next to the water would be cool.  And it is. So, I bought a house and settled in.  

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Before CrossFit, I was a list of unsuccessful fitness adventures.  Every few months, I would try something new.  I have never been either athletic or super competitive. So, nothing stuck.  After about a year of completely neglecting my body, a friend at work told me that she was trying CrossFit and there was likely one near me. That night, I noticed RCFBC on my way home from work.  I called, toured, and signed up for the intro course.  It’s two years later, and I’ve stuck to it! 

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

Crossfit is literally the only workout that I have been devoted to for more than six months.  A big part of that is the community, and this is coming from a very introverted person! I have never been at a place with such genuine love for everyone who walks in the door.  It isn’t about membership, because I have seen each person welcome non-members the same as members.  It is a shared experience of commitment to something.  That something is sometimes just humanity and it is sometimes that CrossFit is just really hard!  I feel really happy to have a community to which to be accountable, especially when it results in my health!

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Besides being committed to a workout philosophy for two years, I am proud that I don’t feel so “unable.”  I was pretty out of shape.  I looked at physical challenge as daunting.  I tried because I knew “it was important”,  but I was so tired or sore the next day that I never really felt accomplished.

Now, I appreciate that I can make a commitment to do more, and that I have at least a foundation on which to start. Extra benefit? I like feeling more comfortable in my body.  I am much more connected to how I move and flow.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

I am trying to increase my attendance for the next two months and see what happens to how I feel! I travel a lot for work and have a fairly stressful job. So, I sometimes bail on my workouts.  But I am going to Jamaica at the end of March, and I want to feel amaze-balls in my body.  I want to have a rum drink in hand and know I earned it.  

6. What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym? 

When I am home, I spend most of my time snuggling my pooches, but as often as I can, I travel to where-ever, when-ever.  I also love to read and learn about existentialism, meditation, Buddhism and lovingkindness.  Newly, I enjoy kayaking and Bikram yoga.  

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