Bea and Richard “The road runners”

1. Tell us a little about yourself? 

Bea- Co-owner of The Red Parrot for over twenty years, that offers a new challenge each day! I enjoy people and love assisting clients plan special occasions. I Enjoy running it gives me a good mental headset and have completed several half marathons and full marathons including the Boston marathon. I Joined RCFBC January 2013. 

Richard- Co owner of The Red Parrot for over 20 years. I joined RCFBC January 2013. Outside of CrossFit I enjoy softball, running, and bowling. 

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Bea-  Never being an athlete, I started working out joining a local gym and recruited a trainer, continued running which was a good stress reliever.  When PF opened, I joined and soon after, I observed the signs – Opening Soon RCFBC… Of course, it peaked my curiosity, I spoke with a both Jeff B and Jeff H who said it was a much better work out then spending time at PF.  One night, Danny G played in our Fireside lounge and that is where Richard and I met Coach Mike and  Lauren along with other members. Danny even introduced us to a burpee!  Richard and I were invited to a free trial introduction to CF the next morning, and have not turned back.  It has been an amazing adventure that has allowed me to feel stronger both mentally and physically.   Believe it or not, when I run, I can hear the Coaches in my head allowing me to have a stronger run!

Richard- I have become an avid supporter of CrossFit and have found myself with more mobility and flexibility than I have had in years.Losing 40 pounds in the process was an additional bonus! 

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you? 

Bea- Being part of the RCFBC,  and returning after an injury, I realize that I am part of a family and missed everyone. A family that is full of encouragement and support no matter your level. 

Richard- I have developed new friendships with people who are sharing the same goals even though we all have different abilities. 

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Bea- Encouraging Richard to try CrossFit!  At this stage of my life saying that I do CrossFit!  Winning the Paleo Challenge with Richard “Parrot Power”!  Increasing weight on both front and back squat. 

Richard- Winning the first paleo challenge with Bea! 

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Bea–  Each WOD is a challenge, sometimes just going to class is a challenge!  Richard plays a great part to say “Get Ready” for class and I do the same for him!  At the end of class, I feel great that I went and completed the class.  My goals are to continue to get stronger both mentally and physically, continue to improve all aspects especially double unders, wall balls and believe it or not…. Box jumps!

Ricahrd- To see how far CrossFit training can take me .

6. How has nutrition had an impact on your life and maybe your business?

Bea- Participating in the PALEO challenge  was a great introduction for Richard observing his progress losing 40 pounds and improving his mobility and strength.   I actually looked forward to planning and cooking our meals.  As a result we both had better nutrition, as you can imagine owning a restaurant you might not always make healthy choices.   After the challenge, we introduced a Paleo Menu to our restaurant, which has been received favorably especially for those guests requiring gluten free diets.  As for myself, I feel much healthier!

Richard- Changing my lifestyle has immensely improved my well being and we decided to roll out a paleo menu to our guests.  At first it was a hard sell to our chefs but now everyone is on board and we have found someone eating paleo from every table. 

7. If you could describe RCFBC in one word what would you say? 


Richard- BOOM 

Richard and Bea are a great pair! They bring so much positive energy to RCFBC and work hard to achieve their goals. Their progress has inspired many members and they embodied what our community stands for. 


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