Full-Time Coaching Position

We are pleased to open up applications for a new full-time coach!


Our full-time coach will put in 40 hours a week (admittedly sometimes more ;)) to impact the lives of some amazing people in Hingham, MA. In addition to coaching several classes/day you will also be asked to take on key operational tasks that are critical to our boxes’ (we have two) daily operations and growth.  Some of these tasks are simple emails to current and potential members while others will ask you to take projects and run with them (e.g. nutritional challenges, creating teen programs, etc.).  While some responsibilities are very prescriptive, many are up to your interests and abilities!

Qualifications (in order of priority):

  • Genuine passion for making people better – We always say, we can teach someone how to coach but can’t teach someone how to care.  Our care and relationships for our members is what we pride ourselves on.  It’s what drives us to go above and beyond.
  • High-energy personality – We have a diverse coaching staff with all types of backgrounds and personalities.  We need another high-energy personality to round us out.  If that’s not you, no worries you can still be an awesome coach somewhere, we just don’t have a spot for that kind of coach at this time.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude – While we would do this stuff for free, this is a business and we run it like one.  We are always developing new opportunities and ask our coaches to embrace and lead growth and action.
  • Coaching experience is a bonus – Coaching experience is a huge plus, but not necessarily a requirement.  We know how to develop coaches, so if you meet all the criteria above, then apply.  If you do have coaching experience that is obviously a huge plus – just be open to some feedback to make you even better!
  • Business and/or marketing experience is a bonus – Someone that has business and/or marketing experience is hugely valuable.  If you don’t, consider this a good opportunity to learn.  All three of our owners have extensive corporate experience and can help you grow!


  • Base salary – You will receive a guaranteed income in a range that is based on your qualifications.  You won’t become a millionaire as a CrossFit coach, but we will help make sure food is on the table.
  • Incremental income possibilities– We believe in rewarding staff members with an entrepreneurial spirit that will go the extra mile.  As such, you receive a substantial part of any program you start (e.g. oly program, kids program, etc.) and any personal training you give.  This can become quite lucrative if you put in the effort.
  • Unique Reebok CrossFit opportunities – Our deep relationships with both Reebok and CorssFit afford us additional opportunities that are hard to come by for most.  Whether it’s simple Reebok swag, coaching development opportunities with our Reebok CrossFit One buddies, or access to training seminars, there are some awesome perks when you are a part of our staff.
  • Work with the best coaching staff ever – Ok, so we are clearly biased here.  Honestly, we work our tails off and have high expectations for one another but we have a hell of a lot of fun.  If you like shenanigans on a daily basis amidst busting your bum to accomplish awesome things, then you have come to the right place my friend.

If you are interested, please use the sign-up form below.  We will contact you regarding next steps, timing, and any additional details.

Look forward to meeting you!

Mike LeJeune

Head Coach

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