Cerebral Sunday – Why are Women Choosing CrossFit?

When CrossFit began in the early 90’s, it primarily attracted Marines and men in law enforcement looking for an intense and effective workout.  Today there are over 10 million crossfitters, 60% of whom are women.  CrossFit is changing the face of fitness and promoting the idea that strong is not only desirable, but also beautiful.

The benefits of crossfit are numerous, especially for women.  Here are some that you may not have realized.

  • Crossfit workouts are more effective than stationary machine workouts, and they take less time.  A 7-minute WOD can burn as many calories as a 30-minute workout on an elliptical machine.
  • Strength training does not lead to becoming ‘bulky’.  Conversely, it tones muscle tissue and when coupled with metabolic conditioning (cardio), is an amazing calorie burning workout.
  • Women, by nature, are emotional and crossfit is not only physical, but also mental.  Crossfit workouts, even at their most frustrating, have a tendency to leave you feeling proud.  They also promote an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie, allowing women to forge friendships with other women they may have not otherwise encountered.
  • Women of all shapes, sizes, athletic ability, age, etc. can crossfit. Everything we do is scalable allowing for measureable progress over time, ensuring anyone to achieve success.
  • And lastly, CrossFit is a great reason for you to buy crazy knee socks, funky headbands and really cool shoes. 🙂

After doing some research, as well as questioning several of our own female members, I came up with the top reasons for WHY women choose CrossFit.

#1 To prove our mental and physical strength. 

Women are often times so hard on themselves, and with crossfit, we are challenged beyond what we think we can accomplish, both mentally and physically.  Every WOD provides an opportunity to affirm our sense of mental and physical strength.


#2 To become empowered.

I believe this reason to be the most important, and the reason why I coach.  There is no greater feeling, in my opinion, than to see those larger than life smiles on women who have PR’ed, survived a WOD they thought they couldn’t, or nailed a lift they were nervous about.  Crossfit provides a space for women to gain confidence and become empowered!


#3 To bring out our competitive side.

Crossfit provides a space for women, who may not have met otherwise, to share a common interest – fitness.  Exercising with like-minded women allows us to feel that competitive spark and use it as a catalyst for empowerment.


#4 Our idols are strong, not scrawny.

The variety of female body types and physical abilities across all crossfit boxes is incredibly diverse.  The one common trait we all have, though, is strength.  I’m often in awe of the females in our teens classes and only wish I had those girls to idolize during my formative years.


Not too long ago I was watching a clip of the women competing in the 2013 Crossfit Games and Scarlett (my 3 year old daughter) was on my lap watching as well.  When the clip was over, she turned to me and said, “Wow Mommy, she’s strong, just like me!” Crossfit is the model of strength and beauty for my daughter.  And that is why I CrossFit, why I feel so lucky to have CrossFit in my life, and why I am passionate about empowering women through fitness.

– Coach Sarah


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