Cerebral Sunday – Mobility for Commuters

During my 2013 Fall semester I was Olympic lifting a lot but i was sitting far more. First there was the commute back and forth from school, anywhere from 45-60 minutes one way depending on traffic, weather, the outcome of that day’s risk/reward analysis (yellow and red make orange. I stand by that logic). Now add 30 minutes to the end of that drive since of course there is never less than a hundred and fifty people patrolling the parking lots for a space. Classes were anywhere from just over an hour to three and a half hours. Carry the one, take the square root, divide by three and yeah its a crap load of time everyday spent not moving and even worse in a seated, sometimes slouched (i know, blasphemy to the religious margaritas and mobility crew *cough*) position. What happened next? I got creative. When you spend the majority of your time sitting, you’re gonna have to otherwise you’ll end up spending all of your gym time mobilizing. Who wants to do that? No one. So the end of the semester came along with final paper due dates creeping up and I decided to put my semesters worth of knowledge and discovers into written form. Thus, the commuter’s mobility guide was born. Hopefully you will be able to use all or some of the ideas to help you unstiffify yourself during the most unproductive time of the day, your commute. Enjoy!

Competitive Weightlifting Paper


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