Cerebral Sunday – The Power of Community

This week’s Cerebral Sunday post talks about the power of community.  For anyone that has been present during the open WODs you have seen it’s full effect.  While we as coaches could write volumes about this, it is much better to hear about it from a member.  With that in mind, Jeff Hutchinson took the time to write down a few of his thoughts.

” In a community we can count on each other’s good will . If we stumble and fall , others will help us to stand on our feet again. No one will poke fun at us , no one will ridicule our clumsiness and rejoice in our misfortune. If we do take a wrong step, we can still confess, explain , and apologize , repent if necessary; people will listen with sympathy and forgive us so that no one will hold a grudge forever. And there will always be someone to hold our hand at moments of sadness. When we fall on hard times and we are genuinely in need, people won’t ask us for collateral before deciding to bail us out of trouble; they won’t be asking us how and when will we repay, but what our needs are. And they will hardly ever say that helping us is not their duty and refuse to help us because there is no contract between us obliging them to do so, or because we failed to read the small print of the contract properly. Our duty, purely and simply, is to help each other, and so our right, purely and simply is to expect that help we need will be forthcoming”
Zigmunt Baumen

Hello There Bare Covers,

We as a community of Crossfitters worldwide are in the midst of this year’s Open, so I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on community. The aforementioned quote can be taken in many ways – financially , mentally , and even in our pursuit for fitness and personal growth as a human being in general. You never really truly know the power of community until you’ve been apart of one and I tell you what we have an absolutely powerful one. I’ve seen first hand the power of a simple hug given to someone when they are down, ears lent out to those who just need to vent about something in their lives, and advice given from one member to another. It is also truly remarkable how our community has the ability to push one another through an absolutely brutal WOD with words of encouragement and cheering! This is really what makes Crossfit so special to me.

This powerful community extends beyond our own walls to the entire CrossFit community.  You may have heard about the freak accident that happened to Kevin Ogar during the OC throwdown.  Well the worldwide CrossFit community came together and raised tons of money to help pay for his medical expenses because Kevin didn’t have health insurance. This is just a sample of the power of this community.

With community in mind, let’s all come together and cheer and root each other on during this year’s CrossFit Open! If you finish before your classmate don’t lay on the floor defeated by the workout, get up and motivate someone else to finish strong. Let’s CRUSH this open as a box! Better yet let’s crush it as A COMMUNITY working towards the common goal of improving our fitness and being better than we USED to be the day before! LETS GO BARE COVE!

BoOm PoWwW
Jeff “Hutch” Hutchinson

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