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Scaling: Is less really more?

Howdy RCFBC! I found a great article about scaling and the reason why we scale so I wanted to pass the word along.

Scaling is a very important aspect to workouts and can be tricky at times to figure out what is the proper way to scale. I know the word “scale” sounds like you aren’t getting the best results or you are making the workout easier, but in reality you are building strength and work capacity. We scale to preserve the stimulus of the workout.  Everyone’s journey to elite fitness is different.  Scaling correctly will increase your ability to do work more efficiently than attempting to complete a workout as prescribed before you’re ready.  Scaling the workout properly will lead to a higher power output.

For example, one rep max days are meant for exactly that, MAX EFFORT! If the WOD is FRAN it’s meant to be fast, you always want to mimic the performance of the elite athletes.  If it takes Sam Briggs (Fittest Woman on Earth!) 3 minutes to complete Fran, your goal should be to finish under 5 minutes.  By going fast and hard like Sam would, we preserve the stimulus of the workout.  Your goal is to feel like Sam would after a workout like FRAN. Make sense?

Breaking each set of thrusters up into sets of 3 or lower repetition’s because you have too much weight on the bar would defeat the whole goal.  If it takes you over 10 minutes to complete FRAN, we have lost the stimulus we are after.  Why do we do what we do?? To GET RESULTS! We get the results we want by preserving the stimulus.

We train to train another day. It’s always good to leave thinking you could have done more! There are a TON of different scaling options for everything we do in the box. We as coaches will make sure we reach out to everyone before the WOD starts to make sure you are all being safe, getting FIT, and getting STRONGER!


 -Coach Kaylee

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  • Bea

    Coach Kaylee….. great message! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Kaylee Davis

    Thank you Bea and hope you enjoyed the weekend as well 🙂

  • Michele Sacks

    Thank you for sharing this article…..

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