Cerebral Sunday – Applying CrossFit to Life

How is life like CrossFit?

We all have our barriers in life.  For some, it’s work, for others, perhaps a challenging relationship, and for others, perhaps it’s setting an unattainable goal.

CrossFit teaches us how to conquer barriers every day.  If it’s a WOD for time, you are challenged by “finishing” in that time, if it’s a specific movement that scares you, it’s learning to accept a scaling option that you can achieve.  Sometimes it’s pushing your partner and yourself, and not everyone is comfortable with that.  But the amazing attribute of CrossFit, is that it applies to everyone’s personal life.

Look at the my examples highlighted in the first paragraph…are you challenged at work?  Have you figured out how you can tackle and overcome that challenge?  If not, why?  At CrossFit, we are challenged by figuring out the movement-so perhaps we break it down, learning in steps or phases.  We perfect a grip, or a specific position…that way we learn to be efficient.

Now I ask you to think-are you applying that to your challenge at work?  Or to your challenge with your kids/family?  So many times we just have an excuse why we aren’t tackling that barrier, it’s so much easier to have the complaint than to fix it.  But if you apply what we are learning in our CrossFit world…breaking down the barriers, challenging your abilities, opening up to your community and teaching your mind to overcome your physical limitations-perhaps you will see that you too can overcome “the impossible” in your life.

Take it from me- the old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is my daily mantra.  At 40 years old I am doing physical things I couldn’t do in my 20’s and 30’s.  You can too, trust yourself and your CrossFit community.  It’s life changing.

Ali Winslow
RCFBC level 1 coach

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