Coaches Kaylee and JD Moving Back Home

Hey Bare Covers!

We have a very bitter sweet announcement to make; Kaylee and JD are moving back home to Florida at the end of the month.

We are of course excited for them as they start their next chapter but selfishly hate to see two great coaches go!  Here’s a note from Kaylee:
“As you all know our families are both back home in FL. We have decided to move back to the sunshine state on April 29th. We are both very thankful to have met and shared time with so many amazing people here and we think of RCFBC as a second family. We will miss you all but know this isn’t the last time you will see us. I know it’s my job as a coach to help you all reach your goals but the truth is all of you have helped me grow Into the coach that I am today and I am forever grateful for that.  We wish everyone the best of luck and don’t hesitate to reach out if you are ever in our neck of the woods.”
After the Saturday WOD on April 25th we invite you to a grill out at the box for one more social outing with them. More details to come.


We can’t thank the two of them enough for all they have done to build this amazing community.  Kaylee has grown from a new, inexperienced coach with a large worth ethic to a seasoned, veteran that we are always able to count on.  On top of her coaching she has been instrumental in keeping this place running smoothly – whether it was tracking you down when you haven’t been in a couple of weeks, keeping us organized in our daily business activities, or simply making sure you had fresh towels available, her contributions are countless.  JD has brought an experienced, knowledgeable, and elite level of coaching to our community that has benefited both members and coaches.  Years ago as a young coach, I always looked forward to learning from his classes and finding parts of his style to shape part of my own.  To have this same coach be a part of the our coaching staff was quite an honor.


Obviously this leaves a sizable gap to cover in both coaching and operations, but we have a plan in place that will continue to grow the community and quality of RCFBC.
Rather than hire a one for one replacement coach, we have chosen to close the coaching gap by committee….it’s one heck of a committee.  We will be bringing in veteran coaches from RCF ONE a couple of times a week.  These coaches will bring a level of quality that will continue to grow both you as members/athletes and us as coaches.  Additionally we will increase some of the hours of current coaches to close any remaining gaps.
Regarding operations, Sarah and Eats will take over the many things Kaylee does to keep this place running smoothly on a daily basis.  
Once again, we thank both of them for everything they have done and wish them the best as they start their next chapter of their life back home in Florida!
-Chris, Sharon, and Mike


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