Coaches Struggle Too

We were halfway to Wendy’s and we turned around…

No seriously, I was in a car, leaving a place where I just had a cheat drink, going to get another cheat meal, and had to stop myself. Time to pump the brakes.

Every day we are all faced with choices. Do I go do the WOD? Is that slice of pizza going to ruin my goals? What if I have just one more? I am here to tell you that all of us, your coaches included, are mere mortals. We all face the same challenges and we all struggle. This journey towards fitness is not, and will not, be an easy one. Every day we have the potential to veer off course. I don’t care if you are a CrossFit Games athlete or a person with zero fitness experience, we all share that struggle.

But I am not a quitter. I know you are not a quitter. Quitting is easy, you just tap out before they can finish the word “challenge”. Not to sound too trite, but take a couple letters out of “challenge” and you are left with “CHANGE”. So let’s think about changing for the better.

Every time we are faced with a decision, take a second to ask where that decision will take you. Is what you are doing going to benefit your long-term goals? Sure, a frosty and chicken nuggets sound like an AWESOME idea at 1AM. Is it going to set me back for a week, month, longer? Probably not. But it sure does begin to reinforce the idea that small cheats are ok, and that way of thinking can lead to a downward spiral, where a lot of a little still equals a lot.

I know this because I have been there with you. All of your coaches have been there with you. We will always continue to be there with you. The nutrition challenge is a TEAM challenge. Use each other as support through this dedication to changing habits. As we enter week three of the nutrition challenge, commit to change, however small.

So when you are thinking about that calzone at Crow Point, or the beer Stars, or the ice cream at Nona’s, know you are in good company. Chances are, your coaches are thinking the exact same thing.

– b schier

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