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With the competition approaching, a lot of us are asking a very important question – “What do I eat?!”

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything crazy like starve yourself, hunt down your own food, or eat your teammate.  You simply need to make some tweaks to your normal eating patterns.

You are about to do several workouts in a day so your main goal is to have the proper fuel without digesting food in the middle of your workout.  If your body is spending all of it’s energy digesting food, it has little left to use for your WODs!  Here are some simple guidelines to help you :

  • Night before: The night before a competition is the time to fuel up.  Eat a larger meal higher in fats and carbohydrates.  Yes you still need protein too!  Avoid any foods that may potentially cause any stomach issues for you.
  • Morning Of (6:00 AM – 3 hours before 1st WOD): 3 hours before your first WOD is the time for you to get in a solid meal.  Make it a balanced meal with fats, protein, and carbohydrates.  A personal favorite is eggs, bacon, and sweet potatoes.  Make sure fats are in there
  • Pre WOD 1 (30-45 Minutes ahead) – I typically eat a very small, balanced (protein, fats, and carbs) snack about 45 minutes before the first WOD.  For me that is typically a zone bar.  It should be light and just enough to give you a little energy.  This will be your last fat in take of the day until post competition!
  • Post WODs – As soon as you are done with your WOD you need protein and carbohydrates immediately.  Absolutely NO FATS! Your body needs quick absorption of protein and carbohydrates for recovery purposes.  When you ingest fats it delays the digestion of all macronutrients meaning 1) your body won’t get the recovery it needs and 2) you run the risk of digesting during your next WOD!  After the first WOD I would drink a protein shake.  After the second WOD, I would suggest actual food like turkey and fruit.  I recommend sticking to fruits vs. vegetables so you body digests them quicker.
  • Post Competition – This is your time to be irresponsible and live a little!!  You just completed more work that you may have ever done in your life.  WE ARE HAVING A COOKOUT AFTER, SO STICK AROUND, CHEAT A LITTLE AND ENJOY THE COMMUNITY!!!!!

Eat well, try hard, and enjoy yourself!  This is going to be awesome!!


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