At Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove, we believe that the freedom to change your routine gives you the power to change your body.  We don’t give you “just another Bootcamp.”  We give you three fat torching, heart pumping, hour classes to choose from based on your individual preferences and goal.

Endure: Endure is 1 hour of nonstop movement designed to burn fat, increase metabolism, and make you sweat.  It’s about building the endurance of your body and the toughness of your mind. In these 60 minutes, we challenge you with something new every day. Whether you are an endurance athlete or someone looking to jumpstart their fitness, this class is for you. We don’t touch barbells, but we do hook you up to a heart rate monitor, so there is nowhere to hide! You don’t have to be “in shape”, all you have to be is willing to work.

Trifecta: Trifecta combines the three most important elements of fitness (movement, strength, & conditioning) into one of the most effective one-hour workouts you have ever experienced. Each class starts with mobility and flexibility work designed to undo the ill effects from years of sitting, typing, texting, etc. It then progresses into controlled strength work that teaches you how to do every day activities properly (lifting, standing, putting things above your head) and builds your ability and confidence to do so. Finally, it ends with high intensity workouts leaving you drained but secretly looking forward to the next sessions. We don’t do any of the technical Olympic lifts you see in CrossFit, but we sure do train just as hard. And of course – we adjust everything for all skill levels!

Woman Strong: Woman strong is a program designed for women by women. In woman strong we focus on strengthening our minds just as much as our bodies. We throw away thigh gap standards and embrace the beauty of a strong, fit woman. We unlock a new level of self-confidence by accomplishing physical tasks we never knew was possible. We uncover a new understanding of our mental strength, by enduring through different, challenging, cardiovascular workouts every day. At the end of an hour we leave tired, sweaty, and little bit stronger in every way. You don’t need to “be fit” when you come in, but you will be a lot closer when you leave.

With a larger variety, a focus on proper movement, and expert coaching, you will see measurable results like no other bootcamp around.

Why We are Different

  1. Expert coaching. The bootcamp space is filled with passionate, fitness enthusiasts that started a class to spread their passion and help others. That is amazing! BUUUT many lack the knowledge about important things like energy systems, volume control, progressions, and most importantly – proper mechanics.  The unfortunate consequence is that your results aren’t where they could be, it can get repetitive, AND you are at higher risk of injury.  Our trainers are experts on all of those nerdy fitness things.  We research this stuff for fun…yup, we are obsessed.  We have more certifications, certificates, specialization courses, and years of experience than most people will accumulate in their lifetime.  In other words, you are in good hands!
  2. We build a custom program for you…for FREE. Every person that walks through our doors is able to meet with us to set goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Sometimes that plan consists of just bootcamp. Other times we may recommend supplementing your bootcamp with a few other things to most effective achieve your goals. Regardless, we love these 15 minute sessions because we get to know you! Feel free to schedule one with us here ——————–>
  3. You have options! Of course you can choose between our three bootcamp styles, but your membership is also good for cycling and yoga too. Since we know so much about how to move and we have access to more cool equipment than most in our 9,500+ sqft facility – you get to do a larger variety of things.  You don’t get bored and your body doesn’t get used to it!


Who's It For?

Anyone can do this stuff!… BUT we designed this program with two types of folks in mind.

The Beginner – We know there are a bunch of you out there that desperately want to make some changes in your fitness, know that “regular gyms” don’t work for you, but are really intimidated to try something in a group setting.  Maybe you have a few extra pounds, just had a child, haven’t moved in a while, or simply looking for something new.  Well, look no further!

We are experts in training beginners and will tailor everything to your needs. Our members are all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Many are trying to shed some pounds, improve how they move, and hope to just do things better in everyday life.

Everything we do is at your own pace, so there is no pressure to keep up with anyone else.

Mr./Mrs. Sweat – Ok, you know who you are.  A sweat-soaked shirt is a badge of honor for you.  Sure, someone to make sure you move well is great, but you just want to move, nonstop, for one hour.  Don’t worry, we have you covered……with sweat.


From time to time we run programs and specials, so please follow this link for the most up to date pricing.

Note that our packages can be used for the entire boutique training series (yoga, bootcamp, cycling, and strength).

Boutique Training Series Drop-Ins

1st Drop-In* FREE
Drop-In $17

*Your first drop-in to a boutique training series class.  If you’ve already dropped in to a class before it’s regular drop-in rate.

Boutique Training Series Packages

5 Classes/Month ($15/Class) $75
10 Classes/Month ($13/Class) $130
15 Classes/Month ($11/Class) $165
Monthly Unlimited $179

As the number and needs of our members change, so does our schedule.  Please click below to see our latest schedule.

Free No Sweat Goal Setting Session