CrossFit SciCoh and RCFBC Plans

Hey Bare Covers!

Well that was a pretty epic announcement yesterday, right?  We are so excited to spread the RCFBC community via CrossFit SciCoh to two new places – Scituate and Cohasset.  It’s always been a hope of ours, but the stars had to align just right.  Our community at RCFBC had to be something special, which it is.  Our coaching staff had to be sizable and top-notch quality – it is.  We had to have momentum ahead of time, which we gained this summer at Scituate High.  Finally, we had to find the right place, which we have. So all in all YOU and the coaches are the reason that 100s (hopefully) of more people will have the same amazing, perhaps even life changing, experience that you have come to experience 1st hand!  So a big thank you to you guys.

In the midst of all the excitement, there are two points we want to make sure to communicate clearly.

1.  Quality at RCFBC will not suffer.

RCFBC is our flagship.  It is our stake in the ground that represents everything we stand for as a community, as a team of coaches, and as a business.  We made a purposeful, strategic decision to link CrossFit SciCoh and RCFBC together because we want the two associated.  We want people to know that CrossFit SciCoh is the sister of RCFBC.  As the quality of one goes, so goes the other.

You are going to have the same coaches that you have today.  You will have the same class offerings you have today.  We will have the same growing expectations of ourselves in terms of coaching quality, class offerings, and community development that we have today.   Any drop in quality is simply unacceptable to us!

2. There is a plan to allow folks to switch boxes or be a member of both, just not immediately.

Just like we did when starting RCFBC, the first couple of months at CrossFit SciCoh will focus on introduction and building proper movement.  Setting a high standard for proper movement starts day 1 and we will be obsessed with building it the right way!  In other words, everything will be designed for beginners purposely.  Once we have built a solid foundation of good movement, then we will move to more advanced programming and open up the doors to you veterans!

We are super excited about the opportunity to build upon an amazing RCFBC community and we can’t wait for you all to be part of an even greater picture!!

“3 Towns. 2 Boxes. 1 Community.”

– Chris, Sharon, and Mike

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