Experience the difference a measured and monitored approach can make.

At our indoor cycling studio, RipRides, we take the guess work out of your success.  We actually measure what you do.  Our Schwinn AC Performance Bikes link directly to our Performance IQ system to give you live feedback on how hard you are working (WATTS), how fast you are pedaling (RPM), and how much energy you have used (calories). The best part? The data from your rides is stored and even emailed to you. Goodbye guess work.  Hello success!


  1. We are cycling junkies, but fitness experts. Our instructors put on one heck of a class, but they bring an even larger mastery of total fitness.  Showing up, sweating, and having fun in our cycling class is an amazing experience but isn’t always the complete formula to get you to your goals.  Our staff is made up of dietitians, personal trainers, and other fitness experts that aren’t found in other cycling studios.  That means a faster track to reaching your goals!
  2. We build a custom program for you…for FREE. Every person that walks through our doors is encouraged to meet with us to set goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Sometimes that plan consists of just cycling. Other times it means supplementing your cycling with a few other things to most effectively achieve your goals. Regardless, we love these 15 minute sessions because we get to know you! Please schedule one with us here ——————–>
  3. Kiss multi-gym memberships goodbye. It’s all here. The days of having one membership to a cycling studio, another to a yoga studio, and another to a bootcamp class are over. We have it all here with our Boutique Training Series. You don’t have to do other things of course, but if you want to you can. And keep in mind, with our goal setting session, you’ll know exactly how to combine these classes to meet your goals.

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Class Offerings

RipRides 45: This fast paced ride has it all: short intervals, quick hills, Power Threshold Test, and Tempo work all rolled into a 45 minute workout. 

RipRides 55: A  high energy, challenging RipRide 55 minute class that is geared for everyone from the first timer to the experienced rider. Same as RipRides 45, just with ten minutes more fun!

RipRides Plus: A total body work-out!  RipRIdes Plus consists of 35-40 minutes of cycling, pushing yourself beyond your limits.  We finish up the 60-minute workout with 20-25 minutes of total body conditioning!  Squats, lunges, push-ups, ab work!

RipRide & Row Intervals: Another total body workout, the RipRide & Row Intervals combines 35 minutes of cycling intervals with 25 minutes of rowing intervals.  After you hop off the bike, you will grab an erg and some weights, where you will participate in intervals on and off the erg.  This is the ULTIMATE TOTAL BODY TORCH!


From time to time we run programs and specials, so please follow this link for the most up to date pricing.

Note that our packages can be used for the entire boutique training series (yoga, bootcamp, cycling, and strength).

Boutique Training Series Drop-Ins

1st Drop-In FREE
Drop-In $17


Boutique Training Series Packages

5 Classes/Month ($15/Class) $75
10 Classes/Month ($13/Class) $130
15 Classes/Month ($11/Class) $165
Monthly Unlimited $179

As the number and needs of our members change, so does our schedule.  Please click below to see our latest schedule.

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