Episode 10: Importance of Strength & Conditioning for Teens


Episode 10: Importance of Strength & Conditioning for Teens

It’s easy to agree that making a teen athlete bigger, faster, and stronger will make him/her a better athlete.  Where many stop short, is their knowledge of how to do so, when to start, and even the more important benefits of training.  We have special guest, Coach Chris Arouca, head coach of Hingham High Football, to discern fact and fiction.

1:23 – Coach Arouca’s coaching and strength & conditioning background
3:02 – Why is strength and conditioning important for teenage athletes and teenagers in general?
8:55 – The components of a good strength and conditioning program for youth
21:26 – Sport specific training – is it real and is it necessary for youth athletes?
30:41 – Can you really train speed an agility?
38:28 – What age can I child start training?
42:50 – Action Items
46:00 – Story

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Episode Action List

  1. Regardless if your teenager is an athlete or not, if he/she isn’t training, have him/her start.
  2. Assess/reassess your child’s program.  Are they learning life movements? Are they coached closely? Do they do both strength and conditioning? Does it start with the basics? Are the coaches experienced training the youth?
  3. Make sure your child is moving. Digital time is great, but activity is necessary.

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