Episode 11: Life Lessons That Apply to Business


Episode 11: Life Lessons That Apply to Business

Throughout life we learn many lessons – sometimes even the hard way. It’s amazing how many of these lessons can be applied to business to yield success.

2:22 – Lesson 1: Own your life and make it happen
4:32 – Lesson 2: Take responsibility
6:03 – Lesson 3: Trust your gut, take a risk, and be OK with fear, uncertainty, doubt, and failure
7:25 – Lesson 4: Have confidence
8:24 – Lesson 5: Focus on rocks not pebbles
12:03 – Lesson 6: Focus on small goals
17:55 – Lesson 7: Build a team that shares common values
20:32 – Lesson 8: Put people in the right roles
22:59 – Lesson 9: You don’t have to be good at everything
26:38 – Lesson 10: Nothing replaces hard work
29:00 – Take Action

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Episode Action List

  1. Identify 2 or 3 of these lessons and figure out how to apply them to your own life.
  2. Assess your own life to see if there are lessons you have learned that you can apply.
  3. Take action!

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