Episode 13: How to Rev Up Your Immune System


Episode 13: How to Rev Up Your Immune System

Seemingly every year, the turning of the leaves and crisp air temperatures tend to be accompanied by sniffles, coughs, and sneezes.  With fall upon us, we take a few minutes to talk about your immune system and how to keep it ironclad this fall.

0:46 – What is the immune system?

2:05 – What are some things that can hurt our immune system?

6:23 – How do we rev up our immune system?

6:45 – Diet

9:38 – Exercise

11:26 – Recovery – Sleep and Chiropractic

15:03 – Marsha & Darsha

17:20 – Action Items

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Episode Action List

  1. Assess your own system. Are you sick all the time?
  2. Assess the checklist of diet, recovery, and exercise? Where do you have the largest gap?
  3. Close the biggest gap. If you are only sleeping 3 hours a night, figure out how to get more. If your sleep is great, but you haven’t put a vegetable or fruit in your mouth in months, start there. Go for the biggest step change you can make!

If you have any questions or ideas for episodes, please reach out to us at mike@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com or DrOlivieri@olivierichiro.com.

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