Episode 16: Surviving the Holidays


Episode 16: Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are an amazing time of year. Friends, family, fun, and good food…sometimes too much good food. This episode examines the key causes of how our health gets off track and the best ways to fix them.

1:54 The unhealthy formula of the holidays

2:39 Step 1 to saying on track – Create a routine now

4:17 Step 2 – Don’t miss a workout

6:13 Step 3 – Plan the season

7:45 Step 4 – Plan your cheat day and be ok with it

9:15 Step 5 – Avoid the meltdown and stick to your plan.

12:21 Action Items

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Episode Action List

  1. Write down your current routine
  2. Write down the holiday schedule of parties, travel, and anything else that could derail your routine.
  3. Plan when/how you will workout, cheat, and stick to the plan during those times.
  4. Execute that plan!

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