Episode 4: Secrets of a Fit Mom


Episode 4: Secrets of a Fit Mom

We all know moms wear many hats.  It can seem near impossible for a mom to find any time for herself, let alone for her fitness.  In Episode 4, we interview a South Shore mom that has figured out how to make time for her fitness and knows what to do during it.  Sarah O’Shea, mom of 2 and head coach at both CrossFit SciCoh and Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove shares here secrets with us.

0:45 Question from our listeners – what are Mike and Chris’ back stories?
6:20 – How to find the balance
8:52 – Fitness going from priority to actually happening
11:40 – How to feed yourself and your family in a healthy way
13:28 – What percent of the fitness is nutrition?
14:00 – Healthy eating guidelines
15:30 – Discovering the fitness that is right for you
19:10 – Importance of like-minded people
20:47 –  How to take action
25:00 –  A story of how it all worked for a fit mom


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Episode Action List

  1. Make it a priority – plan it into your day
  2. Set a short term goal and celebrate when you hit it
  3. Act – Try things and ask for help. You likely aren’t an expert.
  4. Plan and Prep – 2 days a week shop and cook for the following days.

If you have any questions or ideas for episodes, please reach out to us at mike@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com or DrOlivieri@olivierichiro.com.

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