Episode 7: 5 Weight Loss Myths You Probably Still Believe – Part 2


Episode 7: 5 Weight Loss Myths You Probably Still Believe – Part 2

There are so many weight loss “truths” that many have grown up to believe that simply aren’t true.  Furthermore, the information age has put loads of inaccurate information at our fingertips that further clouds the reality of weight loss.  This episode attacks the final 2 of the 5 biggest myths of weight loss head on to replace fiction with fact.

0:38 Listener Question – Should I try fasting?
3:00 What’s better? A 60 minute workout or 4 minute workout?
3:24 4th Myth – More is better when it comes to fitness
9:57 5th Myth – Lifting makes you bulky
14:50 What would deem our podcast and businesses successful
15:39 Action Steps
17:53 How busting the myths changed a life

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Episode Action List

  1. Do 3 high intensity workouts per week. Email us and we will give you two weeks worth to get you started.
  2. If you have questions, ask us for help!

If you have any questions or ideas for episodes, please reach out to us at mike@reebokcrossfitbarecove.com or DrOlivieri@olivierichiro.com.

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