Episode 9: Chiropractic 101


Episode 9: Chiropractic 101

There are a ton of misconceptions, myths, and questions when it comes to chiropractic care. This episode taps into the expertise of our very own host, Dr. Chris Olivieri, to set the record straight.

1:10 – What is chiropractic?
1:52 – Vertibal subluxation
3:25 – What does a normal spine look like?
3:52 – Benefits of a properly aligned spine
4:23 – Age and spinal degeneration
5:10 – Central nervous system and stress
9:07 – Importance of chiropractic care for kids
9:45 – Chiropractic approach vs. typical medical doctor approach. Wellness vs. illness
12:23 – Chyropractic myth
13:52 Neurological advantages of seeing a chiropractor
16:20 – Chiropract myth 2 – once you see one once you always HAVE to
21:06 – What actually happens in an adjustment?
27:03 – Frequency of visits
29:58 – Take Away
30:47 – Closing story

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Episode Action List

  1. Get your spine checked! “If you spine was on your face, you’d pay a lot more attention to it.”

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