“Eva” and the rest of the “GIRLS”

Here is some good information from our friends at The Box Magazine about today’s WOD, “Eva.”

To read the whole article on Eva and some of the other “Girls” follow the link:  https://www.theboxmag.com/crossfit-training/good-with-the-ladies-9535


5 Rounds:
• 800-Meter Run
• 30 Pull-Ups
• 30 Kettlebell Swings (2 pood)

“With “Eva,” we see a workout that seems written as something of a hazing — like an initiation designed to weed out the weak. Eva’s not just going to make you run. She’s going to make you run far. She’s not just going to make you do pull-ups each round. She’s going to make you do 30 of ’em. She’s not just going to make you do kettlebell swings. She’s going to make you do 30 heavy swings each round. “Easy” doesn’t seem to be in Eva’s vernacular.

“I have always had a 3-2-1-uh-oh relationship with Eva,” admits Doug Katona, managing partner and head coach of CrossFit Endurance (crossfitendurance.com), owner of a personal best of 41:49 in this workout. “This is an absolute suffer-fest.”

One way that Katona propels himself through the grind of Eva is pure, masochistic enthusiasm. “A lot of people go into it with fear. You have to go after it and celebrate it. You know it’s going to be a slugfest, so just get it on!” he says. “During the workout, you will feel like you are turning yourself inside out. There isn’t one particular part of the body that gets nailed — it’s just an assault that you have to learn to appreciate in a twisted way. At about round three or four, the more sensible part of your being may encourage you to look for a park bench or a tent. Don’t do it! Eva may leave you twitching for a bit after, but to me that is the reward!”

Even if you can’t put yourself into Katona’s maniacal headspace for this beatdown, there are a few more tangible ways that you can use to better your time.

Be Determined:An 800-meter run, by itself, can kick you in the tenders. After just one of these midlength jaunts, you could be left wondering how you’re supposed to get through the rest of the round, much less the rest of the workout. “Just respect this WOD,” Katona says. “Eva is a grinder, and a good time requires resolve. It’s not going to be pretty, but you have to take a few hits and keep charging.”

Micromanage:With a workout of this length, it’s important not to get too ambitious at the start. Careful attention to your pace in each round can go a long way. “You have to know your limits and not detonate yourself in the first one to two rounds,” Katona says. “Eva is a study in understanding how to dose your power output in relationship to where your fitness level is. Take note of not just your overall time but also what your splits are in each round.”

Don’t Marginalize:the Run After 30 72-pound kettlebell swings, getting out for a run may seem like a tasty vacation. If you want to measure your time in minutes and not months, go at your runs differently. “The skill piece is huge because if your midline integrity is suspect, you can lose huge chunks of time,” he says. “If you have a problem running properly, you could lose 30 to 45 seconds on an 800-meter run.” Katona emphasizes a good stride with a midfoot strike to minimize impact to preserve your body and brain for the duration.

Scale It: Reduce the rounds or use a 1.5 pood (54-pound) kettlebell and adjust from there. If this is your first time, shorten the runs to 400 or 600 meters.”


*****See your coach if you have any questions! Crush it! 🙂  ******

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