Friday 3-21-13

 In WODs

Warm Up

CF Warm Up 3×15


Judging Standards


Mobility and Goats

20 minutes of Mobility Prep for 13.3 and Recovery from Week

20 minutes of Goat Work


13.3 WOD (if you can’t do it Saturday)

12 min. AMRAP

 150 Wall Balls (20 lbs 10′ target/14 lbs 9′ target)

90 Double Unders

30 Muscle Ups


CF Teens

Same as CF Class


Travel WOD

12 min. AMRAP

150 Squats

90 Double Unders (Tuck jumps if no rope)

30 Handstand Push Ups


Mobility WOD

Mobility will be done in class – no extra today

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