Friday 5-4-18

 In WODs

Warm Up:

200 M Run 

:40 Goblet Squat Static Hold 

4 V-Up To Vertical Jump 

4 Inch Worms (as far as possible) 

3 V-Up To Vertical Jump 

3R / 3L Leg Cradle Lunge W/ Back Heel Touch 

2 Ninja Roll Up To Vertical Jump 

2R / 2L Leg Cradle Lateral Lunge W/ Twist 

200 M Run 

Mobility: Couch Stretch, T-Spine Roll


A. 3×5 Bottom Up Front Squat – AHAP 

B. 3×8 Bent Over Barbell Row


EMOM x 12 

Minute 1: Row for Cals (15/12) 

Minute 2: Burpee (12/10) 

Minute 3: Air Squat (15 all) 

Minute 4: Hollow Rock

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