Friday 6-27-14

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Day 1 – WODs 1&2 of Battle of the Sexes!

Haven’t signed up yet?  No worries, just show up to class to do the WOD.  This is the WOD for today regardless if you are competing or not, so you may as well join the competition.  It’s going to be so much fun!!



Gym is closed this weekend for the L1 Seminar, so we are offering 2 offsite WODs this weekend.

  • Saturday 8AM – Nantasket beach across from the red parrott
  • Sunday 9AM – Hingham Bathing Beach


Warm Up

Competitor Weigh In

3 Rounds with a Barbell and Building in weight

6 Muscle Cleans

6 Front Squats

6 Thrusters

Hip Mobility


Clean & Jerk Standards

Burpee Standards


Teams of 2

7 min. for each partner to establish a 2RM Touch and Go C&J AND to accumulate as many burpees as possible.


Each team will have only one barbell.  Only one partner can be doing burpees and one doing C&J at any one time. Switch whenever you want. Once a 2RM C&J attempt is made, an attempt lower than that weight can never be made again – even for the other partner.  Event will be scored as two separate WODS.  WOD 1 – Total team weight of 2RM C&J/total team bodyweight.  WOD 2 – total burpees.

Example – Partner 1 attempts a 135lb 2RM TnG C&J while partner 2 is completing burpees.  Partner 1 hits the C&Js and then switches with partner 2.  Partner 1 starts completing burpees and partner 2 decides to add more weight to the bar to attempt a 155lb 2RM TnG C&J.  Partner 2 misses the C&J.  Partner 2 nor partner 1 is allowed to go below 155lb, so partner 2 must either hit that weight or take a 0.

The clean can be any type of clean and the jerk any kind of shoulder to overhead.  You can pause with the bar in your hands but must touch the bar to the floor and immediately go into rep 2.  Bar must be locked out overhead with full hip, arm, and knee extension at the top.  Feet must be under hips at completion.  Burpees must be completed with clap behind head and both feet off ground.


Travel WOD

7 min. AMRAP


10 Burpees at the start of every minute


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