Friday 7-11-14

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We will still hold regular classes at Nantasket Beach near Red Parrot, but you are also welcome to show up ANY TIME between 7AM Friday and 7AM Saturday.  You know us – we are going to turn this thing into a fun social event.

Warm Up

Coach’s choice, but I’m betting rowing will be involved 🙂


Rowing, Volleyball, Throwing a frisbee

WOD for 5:30AM and 6:30AM (@ RCFBC)

WOD Choice 1 – Do the Battle of Sexes WOD from Thursday

WOD Choice 2 – Teams of 4 – 45 min. to row as far as possible – 1 person working at a time

WOD for 9:30AM, Noon, 5PM, and 6PM (@ Nantasket Beach in Hull)

“Choose Your Own Adventure”

Everyone in each class will take a turn or two on the erg, but we will let the class decide what other WODs we do.  This is a fun day that celebrates our awesome community doing a great thing and a chance for us all to use our fitness trying sports!

WOD Choice 1 – Sand Volleyball

WOD Choice 2 – Ulitmate Frisbee on the Beach

WOD Choice 3 – Cornhole

WOD Choice 4 – Any game of your choice as long as you bring the equipment

WOD Choice 5 – A beach WOD programmed by your coach 🙂


Travel WOD

TABATA Sprinting (8 rounds of a :20 second sprint and :10 second rest)


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