Hallo Bare Covers!

As some of you may have heard, Chris has an amazing opportunity for a temporary assignment with Reebok in Germany!  In addition to exciting new career challenges for him, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the entire family (Sharon, Nate, and Tess) to live abroad for a year.  Chris will be back and forth quite a bit and the family isn’t headed up until late summer, so there is plenty of time to help prepare them for beers, brats, and no speed limit.

So, this begs the question – what impact will this have on YOU?

Other than missing their company and Chris wowing your world with his coaching on Thursday mornings……NOTHING.  The cool part about our partnership is that Chris and Sharon handle the back end parts (think “fun” things like accounting, bills, permits, etc.) and the coaching team and I handle the actual fun part – everything having to do with you! So yes, there are some things we have to change with our accounting but regarding coaching, facility quality/cleanliness, etc….literally nothing changes.

This is a really cool opportunity and I’m super pumped for them! We will of course send them off properly, but if you have any comments or questions in the meantime, just let us know.


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