Get out of your negative head-space!

Get out of your negative head-space!
By: Coach Amanda Agostino
For the last year and a half I have been a coach at Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove. Before that, I was a
regular CrossFit athlete for four-ish years. During my time as an athlete attending class, I always wondered
where the coaches got their seemingly endless supply of energy from. How much coffee or pre-workout
must they drink to be able to come in everyday and motivate other people to want to workout? It wasn’t
until I became a coach that I realized what it actually took to walk into the gym and help people have the
best hour of their day.
No matter what is going on outside of the gym, coaches have to set everything else aside and
bring a pumped, positive mindset every time they step through the door to teach a class. Bringing that
positive mindset is not always as easy as it sounds though. Negativity and self-deprecating thoughts are
an extremely easy trap to fall into, especially when there are so many external factors constantly
demanding our attention. For example, there are times when I look at the WOD and feel like it would be
so easy to think negatively about it. It might be rowing, rope climbs, or pull ups. There are things that I
am not the best at, which makes it easier to look at other members who are more proficient and look down
on myself.
I have realized though that building a better, more positive mindset is a daily process. I know that
I am not the only person who deals with maintaining a positive attitude regardless of circumstance, which
is why I am issuing a challenge to everyone, including myself. The challenge is this: Get out of your
negative headspace. When you walk through the doors of your box, leave the day there. Whatever may be
going on in your life, whether you had a bad day at work or your kids colored all over the walls, leave it at
the door. Make the hour that you are here your own. Give absolutely everything you have to every rep,
every set, and make each workout the best it can possibly be. Work harder in everything you do, and
smarter. If you can’t complete every single rep or movement with form that would make Rich Froning
proud, scale it back.
An important part of pushing yourself, is focusing on yourself. Don’t worry if someone can lift
more than you. It’s you against you, so be better than you were yesterday. Everyone has different goals
and skillsets, and while the load and volume may differ, the intensity and absolute belief in bettering
ourselves remains the same. We are all here to get fit and become healthy for life.
Things to focus on:
– Show up early, grab some space on the floor and decompress. Clear your head and focus
only on the workout. Be present.
– Shut off your phone. Whatever else needs your attention can wait.
– Listen to your coach and ask for help if you need it. That’s what we are here for.
– Help each other out. If you see someone new, introduce yourself and make them feel
welcome. Cheer on your fellow classmates and don’t clean up until everyone is done. Your
attitude could help someone kill their workout. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”
– Work smarter! Master the movements and then increase the load. Heavier doesn’t always
mean better.
– Most importantly, HAVE FUN. We are all here to do something we love, so enjoy it!

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