A Letter from the Owners

“Over 4 years ago we opened Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove to change the lives of our friends, family, and fellow South Shore residents.  Frankly, changing lives through fitness and community is something we are darn near obsessed with.  The good news is this passion has lead to stories of member transformation beyond what we could have imagined.  The better news is it opened our eyes to two trends that inspired us to relaunch our business.

The first trend is that people want routine yet variety.  We want to workout at the same time and if possible the same place every day, but we want to do different things during that hour to keep it interesting.  Because most places are specialty shops that means multiple memberships to multiple gyms, which gets expensive.

The second trend is that people know what they like, but they don’t know how to most effectively achieve their goals.  I can’t tell you how many people we’ve met around town that go to xyz class 3x/week for a year and stopped seeing results 9 months ago.  Many times they are just a few tweaks away from total success!

Enter our relaunch and Grand Re-Opening…

What we do is unique but simple.  We provide every fitness service you need under one roof and more importantly, we give you personalized guidance on how to use them to achieve your goals.  The days of having 3 gym memberships or attending three classes a week without seeing results are over!

We have a robust service offering of personal training, performance cycling, yoga, heart rate bootcamp, CrossFit, nutrition planning, chiropractic, massage, and body composition testing.  We even have babysitting during peak mom/dad hours.  While offering all of this under one roof is quite convenient and saves money for our members, it’s not what makes us special.  What we do different than anyone else is listen to the individual goals of our members through goal setting sessions and develop a customized plan for that person to be successful.  Sometimes that may be a chiropractic treatment plan along with two bootcamp classes and a yoga class each week.  Other times it may be a nutrition plan and personal training.  You tell us your preferences, background, life constraints, and goals – we show you what to do next.

How do we know it works? Simple – we measure it.  We have one of the most accurate body composition machines in the world, functional movement screening, and even heart rate, calorie, and wattage data in our bootcamp and cycling classes.  We take readings at the beginning, give you a plan, and re-measure several weeks later.  If all is on track we stay the course.  If something is off track we make a change.

This model is on the leading edge of the fitness industry and we’d love for you to join us on Saturday, January 28th to experience it yourself!”

– Chris & Sharon Froio (Hull Residents) and Mike LeJeune (Hingham Resident)

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