Hillary, Phil, Hayden, Perry and Maureen

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Hillary & Phil- We met on a ski trip in ’93 and haven’t looked back since.  We have been married for almost 19 years and have two wonderful daughters,  Hayden (16), Perry (14) and a 130# Swiss Mountain Dog named Cooper.  Neither one of us are originally from here, but we’ve lived in Hingham for the last 18 years.

Hayden- I just turned 16, I am a sophomore at Hingham High School, and I recently got my learners permit.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Hillary- Before RCFBC I was working out regularly at CrossFit Hingham. Hayden and her younger sister, Perry, were also working out there in the Kids Class. That’s where I met Sharon and we got to know each other as we would wait for Hayden, Perry, Nate and Tess to finish their WOD.  When Sharon and Chris opened RCFBC Hayden and I joined right away and we even convinced Phil to try it.  Perry decided to take a break from CrossFit and focuses all of her free time horseback riding and caring for her horse, Pipe.

Phil- Before RCFBC I wasn’t exactly exercising on a regular basis, but I did get into running a few years back by signing up for a half marathon (basically blackmailed by Hillary and my brother) and I stayed with that for a while and completed three half marathons and a bunch of smaller races.  Hillary, the girls, and her sisters kept talking about CrossFit (you know how CrossFitters have a tendency to do that) and I was the guy who didn’t want to hear about CrossFit at all.  I probably begged Hillary, Hayden and Perry to stop talking about it at dinner and I think I even swore I’d never use the word “WOD”. When Hillary told me that Sharon and Chris were opening a “box” I said I’d give it a try and signed up for On Ramp.  I was hooked from the first day back in the old space!

Hayden- I was the first Woodyatt to try CrossFit at CrossFit Hingham. I did their kids class where I met Tess and Nate. When RCFBC opened I didn’t join right away because of school sports but, after fall and winter season was over I started doing the teens class and was the only girl there for a few months.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

Hillary- Being part of RCFBC is great source of pride for me but, being a part of the larger CrossFit community has a much bigger meaning for our family. My eldest sister, Andrea, and her daughter, Karli, started the family bug in CrossFit in Texas – at 16, Karli competed at the 2010 Reebok CrossFit Regional. Soon my sister, Megan, and her two children, Ethan and Erin, joined a box in Kansas and Hayden and Perry and I followed shortly after at CrossFit Hingham. Never, ever wanting to be left out my 72 year old mother, Maureen, went through On-Ramp at RCFBC with Mike last summer. She follows the travel WOD’s from her home in Florida during the winter and is looking forward to rejoining the RCFBC family in June. We are all spread out across the country but we can always relate to the workouts we are doing on a daily basis – that’s pretty special.

My very best RCFBC moment has to be how welcoming our community was to my entire family when the clan showed up for the 12 Days of Christmas WOD in 2012 in the back space and then again in the new space in 2013.

Phil- I really didn’t think too much about the community aspect of CrossFit at first, but soon formed some pretty tight relationships.  I’ve made some great friendships with people I probably would never have met otherwise.  I’ve been touched several times with how we watch out for each other and support one another both publicly at the box or a social event and quietly, privately, one on one.  It’s also been wonderful to see how Hayden has grown and relates to people of all ages.  I really enjoy the friendships we’ve made here.  “I nominate…..”

Hayden- It really means a lot to me. I’ve really come out of my shell as anyone in the Teens Class will tell you, and I’ve become more comfortable with who I am. I’ve met some really amazing people and made awesome friends.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Hillary- I am most proud of my L1 Certification and becoming a coach. When I started CrossFit I struggled with everything -I still can’t do everything as well as I’d like (damn double unders) but I love empowering others and helping them work through whatever obstacles are holding them back.

Phil- I’m most proud of remembering my “Why?”  I think it was early January 2013 when Mike had us write down “Why” we’re doing all this.  I probably wrote something predictable and innocuous on the board, but I actually took that question seriously and I try to remember my “Why” every day when I walk through the door.  I’m not here to compete in The Games, I’m not here to deadlift a truck or back squat as much as Shaun Selha can bench-press.  I’m here for my “Why” and everything like form, mobility and PR’s help get me to “Why”

Hayden- The accomplishment I’m most proud of is seeing the changes in myself that RCFBC and CrossFit has contributed to. I’m no longer really shy and quiet, CrossFit has made me really comfortable with myself. In the beginning of last year I would never have thought that I would be friends with Sam or Matt or that I could deadlift a little over 200 pounds.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Hillary- My biggest challenge will be recovering fully from shoulder surgery and then really taking the time to build the muscles and strength back.

Phil- I want to continue to improve on my form and strength and I think that will come.  I started doing 4 to 5 classes a week about three months ago and that has made a very big difference in both.  But, I think my bigger weaknesses are with the gymnastics components….handstand pushups, toes-to-bar, muscle-ups and double-unders, etc.  Hate them all.

Hayden- I would love to get my pull-ups.

6.  How has RCFBC had an impact on your family? 

Hillary- RCFBC has had a huge impact on our family. It gives us something in common with our 16 year old daughter and has allowed us to add to our extended family. We have found new family members within RCFBC such as Molly and Rachel Saran, the Selhas and so many others.

Phil- I think Hillary summed it up pretty well.  It’s nice to have another thing in common with Hillary’s sisters and our nieces and nephew when they visit.  It certainly is dinner conversation now, even with Perry, who’s probably getting ready to beg me to stop talking about CrossFit.  And it’s nice to think of so many people at RCFBC as part of our extended family now.

Hayden- My mom’s right. It’s given me and my parents something else to talk about other than school or college and it’s brought us closer together. In addition to Perry I have two other sisters, Molly and Rachel.

7. Hero or “Girl” WOD. Which girl or hero would you be? 

Hillary- I’d be a hero for sure – Morrison!

Phil- Iconic.  I’d be Iconic….. Well, it should be an Iconic WOD anyway….the Twelve Days of Christmas!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and that WOD has become sort of a tradition for our family with so many CrossFitters visiting from out of town for the holidays.

Hayden- Diane.

The Woodyatt’s are a great family!!  It’s pretty cool that their CrossFit family spread’s further than just at RCFBC.  CrossFit truly has a way of bringing families closer together.  They each bring their own style into the box and we love when the big dog “Cooper” visits from the car. 🙂   We can’t wait for Maureen to be back in action with the rest of the crew!



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