Jump-Start January!

Bare Covers!

A new year presents a clean slate and a new opportunity to accomplish amazing things.   We have come up with a 4 week jump-start program, Jump-Start January,  to get you going in the right direction! Instead of a typical nutrition challenge where we tell you the rules, points, etc. this one is a broader scope that allows YOU to decide your own challenges.

How It Works

You will create a measurable goal for yourself and then identify the top 4 life changes that will get you there.  In week 1 you will implement the most important change and keep it throughout the entire 4 weeks.  In week 2 you will implement the second most important change and keep it throughout the remaining 3 weeks.  Each week you add another change until week 4 you are actively doing each one! 

Publicly declaring our goals is important to the process and our accountability so we will write them up and track them on the board.

Mike’s Example

Mike’s Jump-Start January Plan


Close key health and performance gaps to be in the best shape possible by the start of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open – February 27th

How will you measure your goal?

Pain free in lower back

Beat all of my 2013 open scores

PR cycling midweight snatches

Why is the goal important?

It’s important that I lead the RCFBC community by example.   I want to show that fitness is something we all continue to work on and even struggle with sometimes but the hard work can pay off in so many ways!

Change 1

Strictly follow nutrition plan with only 1 cheat meal per week


Change 2

15 minutes of mobility each day


Change 3

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night unless absolutely impossible


Change 4

Practice cycling of midweight snatches 3 times/wk



Jump-Start January Tips

  • Be specific and measurable.  General goals and lifestyle changes like “I’m going to eat better” don’t hold us accountable and will not yield success! 
  • Think before you commit. We all lead different lives and struggle with a healthy lifestyle in different ways, so spend time analyzing your own life before you commit.
  • Challenge yourself.  I’ve often heard that if something is easy it isn’t worth doing.  Your changes aren’t going to be easy and that is ok.  Be realistic of course, but dare to push yourself!
  • Commit.  Commit to yourself and commit to the RCFBC community.  We are all here for each other to push one another to great heights, but it all starts with committing to yourself!
  • Ask for help.  If you don’t know what goals to set, changes to make, or have any other question, don’t hesitate to ask for help!  We are in this together!
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