Kerri-Anne Hollingshead

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 28 and grew up and continue to live in Hull. Currently, I work as a legislative aide at the State House. I did my undergraduate work at Bridgewater State and completed my masters in Public Administration/International Relations at Suffolk University, in 2013.

2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

Fitness and being healthy was never a priority for me. I hated sports and skipped as many gym classes in school as I could get away with. I ran cross-country in high school, but didn’t put much effort into it and my race times reflect that. I was a picky eater and had a terrible diet. Once I finished my final cross country season, I don’t think I ever exercised in earnest again. Looking back now, being diagnosed with celiac disease after college was my first wakeup call that my sedentary and junk food lifestyle was not sustainable.

A few years later, on a whim, I walked into a new gym in Cohasset that offered a variety of classes and happened to offer CrossFit. I had no intention of starting CrossFit, but was convinced by the owner that I would enjoy it. I knew nothing about the program, other than remembering my cousin Jami talk about how much she enjoyed it. When I told my family I planned on trying it, they told me I’d never follow through on it, especially since it involved getting up for class at 5:30am.  But, I surprised everyone (myself included) and stuck with it. I was amazed at how out of shape and weak I was. I continued on a good path until the box closed down unexpectedly. Although I knew Bare Cove was open, it took me about 3 months to build the nerve to walk through the door.

Since I’ve started my journey; my lifestyle has made a significant shift. Starting to exercise regularly made me focus on my eating habits and recognize how important it was to maintain a healthy and gluten free diet. Realizing how great exercise felt, I started doing yoga and even got back into running.  CrossFit has helped push me out of my comfort zone, both inside and outside the gym.

3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

The Bare Cove community, both the coaches and members, is an inspiring group of people. The support and camaraderie present throughout the community is remarkable. I am in awe of everyone making the commitment to come, day in and day out, in spite of all life’s obligations. I enjoy being surrounded by people who are so dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Climbing the rope has been my favorite accomplishment thus far. Sometime this summer I had been denied a job that I had interviewed for. I was disappointed and tempted sleep in and skip the workout the next morning. I ended up going and was able to make it up the rope. I was thrilled and being turned down for the job seemed so insignificant.

I also love that I can lift, carry and install a 5 gallon Poland Spring water bottle in my office. I used to dread having to ask one of the guys in my office to install it when it ran empty.

5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

Someday, I’d like to complete a pull up.

6. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? 

I enjoy working on overhead squats and snatches.

7. Outside of CrossFit what do you enjoy doing? 

As soon as the weather breaks, I spend as much time as I can on my paddleboard

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