Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning

Lacrosse, like many field sports, requires speed, agility, endurance, ability to accelerate, change direction, and focus.  Our unique CrossFit Lacrosse program is designed with those specific attributes in mind.  Created by our own coach, Ali Winslow, our CrossFit Lacrosse program will look at each athlete as an individual, assess each movement pattern, and then focus on improving overall posture, control, and ability to stop, start, and redirect motion.  Athletes can expect to be physically and mentally challenged by each session, and at the same time, feel rewarded by their progress.  By the end of the sessions, athletes will be ready to step on the field with full confidence!

Program Details

  • December 1st – February 6th
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-6PM
  • 8 weeks, 16 sessions – $150
  • Spots limited

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