Little Changes

Little changes can make a big difference

By: Coach Scott Birmingham

A little change, tweak, or modification in your daily living can make a big difference in your overall health.

  • Drink more water
  • Fuel your body a few hours before your workout
  • Stay an extra 10 minutes and stretch post WOD
  • Drink a protein shake after your WOD
  • Get to sleep a half hour earlier
  • Smile more
  • Meditate for 10 minute a day
  • Pack your lunch for work
  • Choose a healthier food alternative (french fries for sweet potatoes ,for example)
  • Use Coach Bates as an example, he has switched from Bud to Bud Light

That’s a saving of (145-110) of 35 calories per beer

That’s 210 calories a night (6 pack)

That’s 1,050 calories a week (5 days a week)

Or 54,600 calories a year

Equivalent to:

  • 85 straight hours sitting on a rower
  • Or Walking 495 miles (at 2000 steps mile)
  • Or 7,350 burpees (at 15 a minute)


  • Or just 1 Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse


Need more help with making little changes? Check out Coach Scott’s website:!

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