The Monarchs: A Family of Fitness


1. Tell us a little about yourself

 Cici: I am eight and a half years old. I love to bake, swim, and be in shows (singing, dancing and playing lots of instruments). My favorite subject in third grade is gym. I’m most grateful for my supportive friends and for vacations.

 Olivia: 12 years old. I’m a performer (singer, dancer, actress, and I play instruments) so I do a lot of auditions. So far I’ve been in about 100 performances. In addition, I like adventures and trying new things. I’m known as “the awkward one” in my group of friends : )

 Elena: 42 years old, Neuropsychologist, Researcher/Brain scientist, Writer, Business owner/Working part-time as a Psychologist, “Deep Thinker” who thrives on meaningful conversation yet finds Michael’s ridiculous sense of humor completing enchanting

 Mike: I’m a 42 year old Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and I’ve been doing CrossFit for one year.

 2. Tell us your CrossFit story (where were you before RCFBC and where are you now?)

 Cici: Before CF I liked swimming and gym. Now I love CF and I am excited about going.

 Olivia: Actually, before CF I thought I was as fit as I was ever going to be. When my parents started doing CF, I really wasn’t interested at all. The first time I went there I remember sitting in the corner skeptically watching a bunch of real beginners (for example, Jeff). My change in attitude came when I went to the Box Battle. I saw everybody working together as a community, and how much CF had gradually made everyone better. Now I love CF and am proud to be one of those people too.

 Elena: I spent all my teen years getting strong in a dojo and loving the martial arts. While I’ve always completely admired physical strength, I did not make it a priority during my adult years. Instead, I spent most of my life helping people build their emotional strength. Truthfully, I was weak and slow for about 20 years. Michael and I gave each other CF as Christmas gifts and our journey began in January 2013.  After spending the first couple of months fearful of every WOD, I fell in love with every aspect of CF.

 Mike: I’ve always been in to fitness. Started with traditional weight lifting where it was all about getting big and not at all about endurance. I then drastically shifted gears and got in to cycling, both road and mountain. I’ve competed in several races and have ridden more centuries than I can count… and even several rides in excess of 150 and 200 miles. After a 15 year stint at turning the cranks, doing triathlons, and running,  I wanted to change things up. I wanted to toss some weights around and achieve a more balanced level of fitness but was reluctant to give up the cardio I had built up over the years. A friend encouraged me to give CrossFit a try. Elena and I did the free trial in our old RCFBC space in December of 2012 and liked it so much we signed up on the spot. CrossFit is a combination of all the things I enjoyed from each of these other sports and more. Cycling was my passion. To realize how little I have ridden since joining CrossFit says a lot about how I feel about the satisfaction and challenges I get from CF.

 3. What does being part of RCFBC community mean to you?

 Cici: I like how they cheer me on.  The people are fun to work out with and many are my friends. Even when we’re not working out I have fun with the CF community.

 Olivia:  It’s made me a better person physically, socially, and mentally.  A bunch of people who I thought would never be my friends, I’ve ended up really close to now.  It means a lot to me have the support from people of ALL ages, and I love spreading the community to others.

 Elena: Being part of the RCFBC community has been a blast.  At RCFBC, members get to leave the pretentious world behind and workout with fun, caring, down-to-earth people.  I couldn’t ask for more than that!

 Mike: When I first joined I wasn’t at all interested in the community aspect. I already had a very large circle of friends through cycling and other areas of my life. With CF I just wanted to get a good workout. It wasn’t long before that changed. By the end of On Ramp I had a lot of new friends. A few weeks later, a new family. The support, camaraderie, and competition I get from our CF community is amazing. I also appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community, whether it be to push a buddy to dig deeper during a wod, help them overcome a physical challenge, or to simply lend an ear and some advice. This is more than just a gym. 

 4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

 Cici: Situps, ring rows, burpees, KB swings with 18lbs, handstands against the wall.  I’m very glad that I can do these things.

 Olivia: Being able to finally lift heavy weights on a barbell, my health and fitness level have improved greatly.  I love my CF body.  I am most proud of my efficiency during a WOD.

 Elena: My favorite accomplishment is definitely my recent kipping pull-up!  Also, the first time I climbed the rope, I was high for a week.  The 30 inch box jump was pretty awesome too.

 Mike: Of all the new things I’ve learned and done at CF, for some reason I’m most proud of being able to do HSPUs. I had seen it done before on TV but was never able to do one, no matter how strong I had gotten. After joining CF I was determined to ‘get’ them.

 5. What are your challenges and goals going forward?

 Cici: I want to be better at doing pushups.  I want to be able to jump on the 8 inch box during a wod too.  I hope to be a CF coach someday.

 Olivia: I want to break through a couple of my plateaus such as pull-ups and ring dips, and do my DUs unbroken. I’d love to be a coach when I turn 18.

 Elena: I’m a slow poke.  I want to get fast at something, learn to be more aggressive with lifts, and I even hope to do a muscle up someday.

 Mike: I pretty much want to improve in every area across the board. But I really want to nail double unders and get better at cycling through muscle ups.

 6.  How has RCFBC had an impact on your family?

 Cici: It has made us stronger and fit. I love how my dad has become a coach and I would love to become a coach with him someday

 Olivia: It’s brought us together more than ever.  We all get to connect about the benefit of CF.  We’re all getting to live up to our goals together, instead of dad going biking by himself all the time.  It’s brought up our self-confidence.

 Elena: RCFBC has given us a new way to have fun together while building our fitness and health.  I couldn’t be more excited about that!

 Mike: Everyone in our family CrossFit’s. We’ve all gotten fitter. We’ve all learned new skills. We’ve all gained more confidence. We’ve all made new friends. It’s something healthy we can share with each other. I love that I can do the same wod with Elena and the kids… and we can all get a good workout. I couldn’t do that with cycling.

 7. Hero or “girl” WOD.  Which girl or hero would you be?

 Cici: My favorite WOD would be 20 minutes with box jumps, burpees, situps, deadlifts, and sumo deadlift high pulls (and as a warm up you have to do 400 meter row)

 Olivia: I’d love to try Adrienne (7 rnds for time, 3 forward rolls, 5 wall climbs, 7 t2b, and 9 box jumps)

 Elena: Actually, my favorite WOD is “Fight Gone Bad” because it is the first one I ever RX’d.  I’ll never forget Kyla’s support as I fought through it!

 Mike: Although I haven’t done it yet, I guess I’d have to be “Michael” 🙂

 One word COMMUNITY! The Monarch family is truly a pleasure to be around and workout  with. They are a perfect example that CrossFit is for all ages. Thank you Elena and Mike for making RCFBC a family experience. 

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