Member of the Month- COACHES EDITION: Mike Lejeune, Head Coach

Please list any certifications and/or fitness accolades:

L1, L2, CF Mobility, CF Football, CF Kids, World’s Sexiest Man, Best Superhero

Max Clean & jerk: Lifetime 300lbs, Now 285lbs

Max Snatch: Lifetime 235lbs, Now 215lbs

Max Deadlift: Lifetime 485lbs, Now 465lbs

Max Back Squat: Lifetime 395lbs, Now 375lbs


How long have you been doing CrossFit and what made you want to try it?

I started in 2011 because I was in marketing for Reebok and CrossFit was one of my projects. Figured I should know what in the world I was marketing. I totally did it against my will because let’s face it, back and bis, chest and tris, skip leg day was THE way to workout. My first workout by the name of Fight Gone Bad showed me otherwise. I was buried by it, but absolutely loved It and the community.

What is your favorite aspect of being a CrossFit coach?

Knowing that what I do has some positive effect on good people. It doesn’t even have to be huge. Even something simple like seeing the feeling of accomplishment on a member’s face when their snatch is smoother after a simple tip I gave them is incredible rewarding. Although nothing beats when I hear those incredible stories of how a member’s life has changed because of their experience with us. It’s literally brought me to (happy) tears before.

What is the most frustrating aspect of being a CrossFit coach?

This is probably more from an owner standpoint, but it can get frustrating always being on. I left the corporate world because I’m called to serve people through fitness and it’s the biggest passion I have. Because of that though, I often can’t stop thinking about the box, members, etc. The times I finally focus on other things I often get a text, email, or call to solve issues while I’m “off”. It’s all part of being an owner and someone who serves, but can certainly be frustrating at times! However, I did figure out a flawless solution though…take trips to other countries with no service haha. Hmmm, where to go in 2017…

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try CrossFit for the first time?

If you are considering a different fitness option it’s because you aren’t happy with things you’ve done in the past. For a different result you need different action, which often means something outside your comfort zone. Ignore the good and the bad you have heard about CrossFit and simply walk through the doors with an open mind. Try it out, see how you feel, and then make the decision if it is for you.

What are some of your favorite activities outside the gym?

I don’t understand the question…life outside of the gym? Movies, beer, and traveling.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I haven’t lived in Louisiana for 17 years so it’s the one time a year I get to see my full family.

Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why?

Carl Paoli. Ok, he’s more famous as a coach but he does CrossFit and is totally my CF man crush. I mean, he is pretty much the Justin Timberlake of the CrossFit world. Other than being a movement/gymnastics coaching wizard, he is a really good dude with a great temperament. When I was working for Reebok, I had an opportunity to go out to dinner with him and turned it down to meet up with some girl…I did end up marrying that girl, so I suppose it was a good choice. J

Favorite moment (s):

My first and only individual competition. I made it to the final WOD in 2nd place and was so far behind 1st place yet so far ahead of 3rd place that the WOD didn’t even matter. It was a snatch/muscle up workout. In the first round the guy in 1st and I made it to the rings and did all muscle ups unbroken while in synch with each other. The crowd went wild and even took video. We hopped down, hi fived with a big smile on our faces, and he then promptly destroyed me haha. To this day we still keep in touch (and he is now a regional athlete). That one little moment is a microcosm (yup, dropping vocab words) of how this CrossFit community is so special and different than any other form of fitness.

Least favorite moment(s):

Perhaps not my least favorite but definitely a hysterical one. I was still coaching at Reebok CrossFit One and my marketing VP was in my class. I was demoing T2B and let’s just say a little extra propulsion came out of the ole rear. I simply hopped down, said “sometimes you need a little extra umpf to get up there”, and we all started laughing.

What is the thing that you HATE to mobilize?

Definitely my medulla oblongata…still have trouble reaching it.

You’re on a deserted island and can only have three things… What would they be and why?

1)   Unlimited supply of pappy van winkle – clearly for its antiseptic qualities….nah. If I’m deserted on an island, I’m not nearly the Boy Scout to survive for long so I may as well have the best booze ever created. Going out swinging!

2)   Batman costume with utility belt – best case scenario I survive because of it. Worst case scenario I’m eventually found dead smelling like bourbon…in a batman costume.

3)    Fireworks – I’ll need some entertainment. May as well blow stuff up. Boom!

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